I am a Documentary Wedding Photographer.

Hello my name is Kathy !

When I am shooting a wedding I am focusing on all those little moments that are taking place on your wedding day. I am looking for emotion, laughter, wild dance moves, and crazy kids.

I am not a copy paste photographer. When you look through my portfolio you will notice that I don’t do the same poses over and over and over again. I photograph people of all shapes and sizes. And the same pose does not work for every person.

When I am capturing truly Epic environmental portraits I will show you how to pose from head to toe… And then I will make you laugh with really bad singing. I may make you cry (happy tears) by making you remember why we are here today. I’m going to help bring the real to the photos. Get your head out of focusing on the million things that you are worried about on your wedding day.

I take care of you. Your wedding day is important to me. More then anything I want you to live it up. You may be paying a ton of money and I want to make sure you enjoy the party. That being said. I work quickly and efficiently to get your family portraits done in 10 minutes or less. I will keep track of the time to make sure we are getting where we need to be. I will schedule in possible step out times for photos based on “quiet” times during your reception. I will give you the maximum amount of photography time with the maximum amount of party time.

While I am far from the best photographer in the world… I am pretty damn good.

I’m always learning and pushing myself to exceed the quality of work I provide my clients every week. I am a hard worker.

I know you are investing both money and trust in me to capture your wedding day and I promise you I will do everything I can to get some pretty kick ass photos for you. All I need from you is to trust me and be ready to have a little fun.

About Kathy - The Photographer

I’ve spent 24 years behind the camera studying photography. I majored in film photography in college… and then was handed a digital camera upon graduation. I started the PhotoPass program at Walt Disney World teaching photography. I’ve been shooting weddings for 14 years and started my own business 10 years ago.

When I’m not shooting weddings I travel around the world photographing wildlife. I’ve also started running my own photography tours to Africa during the winter months. (One of my couples even came with me on their honeymoon!) I volunteer with Photographers Without Borders as a documentary photographer and videographer capturing stories of about human rights.


Career Highlight…

I got to be THE photographer for Times Square on New Year’s Eve in 2017. You know the year Mariah Carey was a Diva. Yup.. standing front and center for that… But seriously the coolest part was just being there and meeting and photographing people from around the world. Oh… and nbd but my photos were up on the buildings in Times Square right under the Apple all night long…

You can see my coverage from the event !

Coolest place I’ve photographed a wedding or photo session…

I have 3 places that come to mind when I think about the coolest… One… In Antartica. That is right… I photographed a wedding amongst penguins in Antarctica. It was cool as shit! Number Two… In Lake Worth… Like literally in Lake Worth. The couple got married on their speed boat with all their friends on their boats. Then they had a cocktail hour in the water. I got to wear my bathing suit the entire time. Third… In a dry lake bed in Las Vegas with their reception in a Ghost Town Tavern. The best part was the dust kicking up for the portraits on the dry lake bed. It made for some really epic photos.