Maryland Documentary Wedding Photographer

Hello my name is Kathy !


What you need to know about Love & Adventure Photography

1- I am a Creative Documentary Photographer which means I focus on the moments of your day while creating really unique pieces of art!

2- I do pose my couples. I will show you what to do from head to toe and then work to get the real moments out. I do this by making you move or I start singing to you :)

3- I create timelines with my couples and follow them to make sure you get to enjoy your party and get the most amazing wedding photos ever.

4- We will do a walkthrough of your venue so we can plan your day and talk about what to do if it rains.

5- Yes, I will sing to you. I don’t know why but random songs get stuck in my head throughout the day…

6- No, I am not a good singer… like really not good. But I am entertaining.

7- I am super quick with family photos… 15 minutes tops. I will quickly and efficiently take control of your family. We will be done before Aunt Barb can say did you get that photo.

8- I like to have fun… and therefore I like my couples to have fun.

9- I like to instigate… Blame it on being the oldest child of four. As the dance floor gets more and more wild… I may put ideas into people ears. A lot of times that means your going in the air!

10- I am not a wedding photog factory. I will only book 25 weddings per year so I can take time to focus my attention on each one of my couples. You are investing trust and money into me and I will give you everything I’ve got.

Bonus - I love wildlife, especially elephants so… I adopt a baby elephant from Sheldrick Wildlife Foundation in the name of each of my couples. If you ever go to Nairobi you can even visit your baby elephant!

How did I get here ?

One of my first ever wedding photos that I took from 2006.

One of my first ever wedding photos that I took from 2006.

I started shooting weddings 12 years ago. The first wedding I shot I was a second shooter for a friend I worked with at Disney World. I was scared shitless. The last thing I wanted to do was screw up someone’s wedding photos. My job at that wedding and at the weddings I worked for the next two years was to focus on the moments. I learned how to predict moments from listening and watching people at weddings.

In 2009, I took the dive and started my own wedding photography business and since then I have never looked back. Every wedding I challenge myself to capture better moments, more unique portraits, photos that will make my couples laugh, cry, and truly feel the day.

About Kathy - The Photographer

Trekking with Gorillas in DRC

Trekking with Gorillas in DRC

I’ve been behind the camera since I was 14 years old. I took a Photography class because a friend told me it was easy…

I majored in Photography at Towson University and then had my first job working with a team to develop PhotoPass at Walt Disney World.

I got married in New Orleans in 2011 to my best friend. We met while I was in college in 2003. We have three adorable pups. Dixie, Daisy, & Zion.

I Travel and much as I can (or as much as my bank account allows). I’ve been to almost 50 Countries.

I am a Wildlife Photographer. I travel the world photographing wildlife in it’s natural habitat.

I lead my own tours to Africa, India, and Beyond to see and photograph wildlife. That includes trekking with Gorillas!

I will neither confirm or deny that I have spent a whole day binging a Netflix show.

I volunteer with Photographers without Borders capturing images to document the story of an international NGO.

I got to be THE Time Square Photographer for NYE in NYC in 2017. (Yes, the year of Mariah Carey part 1) The images I took were even on a screen below the apple before it dropped.

I got married in New Orleans in 2011 to my best friend. We met while I was in college in 2003. We have three adorable pups. Dixie, Daisy, & Zion.

I love Nature… Being outdoors around trees and animals just make me happy. Every day I try to focus on being more Green.

I’ve photographed weddings in Antarctica, Greece, in a Lake in Texas, and even at a Ghost Town Tavern in Vegas.