About Kathy 

I really hate writing Bio’s. I am not very good at talking about myself. I prefer my photography to do the talking. (Unless we are hanging out… then you will find I am quite chatty… especially after a beer or two.)

Photography is my life… the rest is just details… Well, except my husband, and my dogs, and 2 fair fish that have lived a long time! Seriously though, I’ve spent 24 years behind the camera studying photography. I majored in film photography in college… and then was handed a digital camera upon graduation. I started the PhotoPass program at Walt Disney World teaching photography. I’ve been shooting weddings for 14 years and started my own business 10 years ago. I’ve travelled to all 7 continents photographing wildlife and landscapes and volunteering on documentary projects for Photographers Without Borders.


Who lives… who dies… who tells your story? - Hamilton

I do ! I tell your story!

It is so important to document life and that’s one of my favorite parts of being a photographer. Everyday, I am capturing life as it unfolds. Whether it’s a wedding, a family shoot, an adventure session, or a documentary project. My job is to tell the story. To capture moments of time for you to hold on to and pass down from generation to generation.

(I have a Hamilton problem… the lyrics just live in my head 24/7 even 2 years later.)

While I am far from the best photographer in the world… I am pretty damn good. I’m not just an award winning wedding photographer but I’ve also won awards for my wildlife photography. And, now in the off season I actually lead my own photography tours to Africa.

I’m always learning and pushing myself to exceed the quality of work I provide my clients every week. I’m not a cookie cutter photographer. You are going to get some pretty kick ass shit from me as long as you are willing to trust me and have a little fun.


Why Should you work with Me?

Working with me is like a Romantic Comedy…

We are going to laugh…

We are going to cry…

There will be some wild and crazy adventure along the way.

There’s going to be kissing… (Sorry no kisses from me )

There’s going to be music… (Sung really badly, off pitch, and usually with my own made up lyrics )

There will be really corny jokes… (Also told from me. )

High odd’s someone is getting drunk and crazy dancing it across the floor. (Shall we place a bet on who it will be? )

There will be a Happy Ending…

Some Pretty Cool Stuff About Me


Career Highlight…

I got to be THE photographer for Times Square on New Year’s Eve in 2017. You know the year Mariah Carey was a Diva. Yup.. standing front and center for that… But seriously the coolest part was just being there and meeting and photographing people from around the world. Oh… and nbd but my photos were up on the buildings in Times Square right under the Apple all night long…

You can see my coverage from the event !


Coolest place I’ve photographed a wedding or photo session…

I have 3 places that come to mind when I think about the coolest… One… In Antartica. That is right… I photographed a wedding amongst penguins in Antarctica. It was cool as shit! Number Two… In Lake Worth… Like literally in Lake Worth. The couple got married on their speed boat with all their friends on their boats. Then they had a cocktail hour in the water. I got to wear my bathing suit the entire time. Third… In a dry lake bed in Las Vegas with their reception in a Ghost Town Tavern. The best part was the dust kicking up for the portraits on the dry lake bed. It made for some really epic photos.


<——- Shooting an Adventure session on Diamond Beach in Iceland

Me with Johnny Unitas right before he passed away.

Me with Johnny Unitas right before he passed away.

Some fun Facts About Me…

I’ve really had a pretty interesting life. If you read above you know I worked for Disney. While I was there I was also and Event Manager which helps with wedding photography because I understand all aspects of the event. I also worked at Sea World and Universal Studios as an Event Manager.

My coolest job might have been when I was a Production Coordinator/Photographer for the Grand Opening of the Hard Rock Theme Park in North Carolina. Wait… you’ve never heard of it? Oh… ok that’s because it closed a year later… It’s all good though because it was an amazing job and I got to see and photograph the Eagles!

One other cool job… I was the mascot at my college… Yes, the good ole Towson Tiger!

Favorite Animal

I have an animal obsession… My favorite hands down is the Orca. I have travelled around the world to see them in the wild and I even got to swim with them! My heart never raced so fast in my life. (I’ve also been cage diving with Great Whites… ) Close seconds are Gorillas and Elephants and Polar Bears… I could go on and on…

Beer, Wine, or Liquor

Depends on my mood but usually an IPA or Cider. I really enjoy meeting my clients for a drink vs. in a formal setting. It’s a great way to calm the nerves early. I’m just as nervous about meeting you as you are meeting me! I always compare meeting with clients to online dating.


Family Life

I have a husband (Jason, you may get to meet him… sometimes he drives me around shoots or meetings… and he loves to hold lights…) that I have been with for 15 years. Married for 7. It has been the best 15 years waking up next to him. We got married in New Orleans because you get to have a parade… who doesn’t want a parade! I have 3 dogs and 2 fish who are literally like my kids. Spoiled rotten.

What do I do when I’m not working…

I’m a travel addict so I travel a lot… mostly to Africa and Arctic climates. I love photographing wildlife. I’m almost to 50 countries and all the states. I am working on doing a shoot in all the National Parks in the US. I love hiking and camping and just being out in nature.

Jason and I are also huge Movie and Musical addicts. A little bit of a Harry Potter nerd, Disney, and Marvel lover.