Florida Wedding Photography - Andrea & Sean - Ft. Lauderdale Engagement

It's finally here... 2017 is over.  This year has been something! I've spent so much more time behind the camera then any other year. From Weddings to Wildlife to increasing my documentary skills. I've truly stretched my talents and I'm so excited to expand my work in 2018. 

This year ironically ended in the same place it started. My first engagement shoot for 2017 was in Orlando, Florida and my last shoot for the year was in Ft. Lauderdale. I shot so many sessions in Florida this year I may move my business there part time! 

I met Andrea in Antarctica in 2016. We are one of the increasingly few that have adventured to the amazing white continent. In October, I got a message from her on facebook saying that she was engaged and wanted me to shoot her wedding in Florida ! I was so excited and honored that she would think of me! 

It worked out that I was traveling through Florida on my way back from Cuba in early December which was when they wanted to do their engagement session. 

It was a perfect day for an adventure in Ft. Lauderdale. Neither one of us was familiar with the area. I google searched locations and other engagement sessions that took place in Ft. Lauderdale. Andrea & Sean were looking for something that wasn't traditional. I found a park with tons of beautiful wall art and graffiti which was right up Sean's alley. Sean loves graffiti art and follows Banksy and many other artists. 

We found the perfect wall mural by South West Airlines !

We then headed down towards the water just in time for that perfect Golden light and sunset. 

Andrea & Sean are getting married in Florida in April 2018 ! Can't wait for their wedding!