Thorpewood Wedding | Lindsey & Laura | Maryland Wedding Photography

I had been dying to shoot a wedding at Thorpewood since I looked at it for my wedding in 2009. I met Lindsey & Laura and fell in love with them instantly and then they said that they were getting married in Thorpewood and I don't think I could have been anymore excited. 

Lindsey & Laura have the cutest first meeting story. Lindsey was living in Baltimore City when Laura moved in a few houses down. Lindsey was outside hanging out with some of the other people on the street the first time she saw Laura. She instantly knew Laura was someone she had to get to know. So she went down and invited her over to a block party.

The two of them just truly make each other happy. Before the ceremony Lindsey gave Laura a card for every hour leading up to the ceremony. As corny as this sound you could actually feel the love radiating off of Lindsey and Laura. Being around them makes you feel just so happy. 

Their party was literally the most fun I've ever photographed. And the band was my absolute favorite EVER ! New Old School is a must have for your wedding! 

Favorite wedding moments:

Our first look! Just getting to see each other in that moment after so many months of planning! She looked gorgeous! (quote from both of us, lol)

Other favorite moments include- standing on the balcony looking down at all the guests filing in. Holding my new wife’s hand and taking a moment to take it all in! Also, pausing on the dance floor to look around and realizing how lucky we were to be surrounded by all of our favorite people on our favorite day!

Our escort cards were from

Band is called New Old School