Ostertag Vista Wedding- Caitlin & Brandon - Maryland Wedding Photography

Caitlin and Brandon got married at Ostertag Vista which is a beautiful barn venue in Western Maryland. They had the perfect day… which has been a rarity in Maryland. To have sunshine on your wedding day was a sign of amazing luck!

Caitlin & Brandon met while in school together at UMBC. The two have a creative background so photography was important to them. They found an image that they loved on Ostertag’s website and contacted me from there.

Caitlin who doesn’t wear make-up was transformed. She is absolutely beautiful without make-up but her hair and make-up artist made her even more stunning! Brandon looked quite handsome himself.

They added a special element that I had never seen at a wedding ceremony. Instead of a sand ceremony they had a paint ceremony where the two of them poured paint down a canvas to create their own work of art.