Comus Inn Fall Wedding - Kerry & LJ - Maryland Wedding Photographer

Let’s start your Monday off with some happiness and love… Kerry & Lecester (LJ) got married at the beautiful Comus Inn at the foot of the Sugarloaf Mountains. It was a beautiful sunny day with just a tad bit of wind ;)

I’ve attempted to write Kerry & LJ’s blog a few times and each time I started it was never good enough. I started with the definition of happiness… how their smiles were so contagious… and how your village can be just as strong as family. While those things were true they just didn’t do their day justice.

So I took to the internet to find a quote as my starting point. I wanted to find something that described Kerry & LJ and the love they have for each other and after hours of searching I found what I was looking for…

“A Real Relationship… Has Fights… Has Trust… Has Faith… Has Tears… Has Sweet Smiles… Has Genuine Laughter…. Has weird stupid unnecessary arguments… Has Patience… Has Communication… and most importantly it has love. “

Kerry & LJ spent the morning getting ready together. Staring into each others eyes as they had their hair and make-up done by the talented Sharon Renee who had flown in to Maryland from Atlanta just to do their make-up. The two of them spent the morning giggling and grinning from ear to ear as the excitement of their wedding day grew. So much planning had gone into their wedding. After they got into their beautiful dresses that were designed and made for them by Philip Smith they stood in the hallway, backs against the wall, and held hands. They took one last moment with each other. Letting all the beautiful moments of their relationship dance through their mind.

This was a long journey coming for both of them. Their journey started with a quick glance through closing elevators doors and continued on to mornings together making blueberry lemon pancakes, and to crazy adventures hiking miles and miles together (on just one banana). They have learned not just to love each other but to listen and to be there for each other. A few weeks ago I posted Kerry’s coming out story. And now, I want to share with you the second half of the story… LJ’s .

LJ is an Alabama girl who grew up in a religious family. A southern girl… and a religious family… you are already thinking that it was probably hard for her. Fortunately, this was the complete opposite. LJ was in graduate school in Washington D.C. when she called home to her mom in Birmingham, Alabama to tell her she was gay. Her mom, said "Oh, I already knew ... We love you." Her mom's biggest worry was that she would be safe and no one would hurt her. LJ’s mom proceeded to put each of her siblings on the phone ... they all told her how much she was loved. Mollie's kids, as they are affectionately known, are close-knit and supportive of each other. Mollie and Alphonze, now deceased, would have it no other way. And in true fashion her family was there in full support as Kerry & LJ stood their and said their vows.

Like I mentioned… it was a tad bit windy outside for Kerry & LJ’s wedding but that didn’t matter. They walked separately down their own aisle signifying their separated journey’s now becoming one. Eyes locked on each other. Kerry literally fell even more in love with LJ that day. And as she was rushing down the aisle to be with her she took a little tumble. But in seconds their village came to her rescue and had her on her feet again. All smiles as she rushed the rest of the way to LJ.

Their ceremony was beautiful and personal. Cheryl Jones the officiant for the day did an amazing job. Their village was in tears as they said their vows. LJ said it best… I thought my life was adventurous and then I met Kerry. After their vows they had a tasting ceremony where together they tasted the four elements. Sour, Bitter, Hot, & Sweet. (Read more about the meanings).

LJ’s favorite moment from the wedding was when they were pronounced “MARRIED!!”

Kerry & LJ love the outdoors and hiking and wanted that to reflect in their wedding. So they bought boots similar to those from the book Wild by Cheryl Strayed and even had the same boots on their wedding cake.

Kerry’s favorite was nailing their wedding dance which was choreographed. Kerry is just a little bit on the clumsy side which is well known by not only LJ but all their friends. So when Kerry got onto the dance floor and tore it up their friends and family around them literally dropped their jaws.

Their reception was full of laughter, tears, and a village of friends and family from all over the world. Their strength and love could be felt throughout the room. After the reception Kerry, LJ, and I went on a little adventure of our own to the Sugar Loaf Mountains.

We were greeted by beautiful sunshine as we made it up to the top of Sugar Loaf Mountains to capture some beautiful shots of Kerry & LJ and allow them to share some private moments together. These two beautiful woman just never stop smiling. Kerry & LJ enjoy your many many adventures together. This is just the beginning of your story!

Photography by Love & Adventure Photography

Wedding Coordination by the Lovely ladies from Smith & Co

Gorgeous Flowers by Jeanette Witter