Savage Mill Wedding- Lindsey & Ben - Maryland Wedding Photography

Lindsey & Ben’s wedding for me was over two years in the making. We met and talked about their wedding and then they pushed the date back a year. So this was a long time coming and let me tell you… Lindsey made it worth the wait. She put so many details that helped tell her and Ben’s Story.

Lindsey & Ben got married at the historic Savage Mill. The great room is a stunning space with lots of natural light. Lindsey wanted to surprise Ben with all the details so he only knew what the room looked like. She went with a book theme where each table represented a different chapter in their story.

Ben and his closest friends got ready just down the road from the venue… And of course some celebratory whisky shots were involved… There were some quality after shot faces. When Ben arrived to the venue Lindsey’s sister in law and bridesmaid was waiting for him to take him on an audio tour of reception room.

As they walked in the door they were bombarded by teal blue pom pom’s. There was one pom pom that represented every day that Lindsey & Ben were together. (1,598 to be exact) . She made bookmarks to go with the book theme that had the ceremony information on it.

Each table was a chapter and told a piece of their story. I picked some of my favorites to share with you.

Their first chapter was about how they met while attending Law School in Florida. They both felt this immediate connection as they talked about Lisa Frank. Lindsey says she remembers that day as she never felt that way before.

The second chapter Princess Leia and Bob Barker were the code names they had for each other - So that their friends didn’t make a big deal they hid each others names in each other’s phones by Code Names. Ben immediately picked Bob Barker which warmed Lindsey’s heart.

Popsicles and St. Augustine - Loved visiting and getting popsicles. It was the first place that Ben realized that he would love Lindsey forever.

Cookies & Adventure - Your my cookie… They say that they were baked from the same batch… They are made of the same stuff. And they get each other. In order to represent this Lindsey & Ben gave their guests cookie cutters that said I love you in sign language. Each cookie cutter had two recipes one for Ben’s Grandmother’s cooke recipe, the other for Lindsey’s . That sign language I love you was how they said those words to each other the first time.

Law school and the velvet goat- When Lindsey thinks of their first home together and the fusion of their stuff she remembers when Ben came home and in the center of the dining room was this masterpiece on velvet of a velvet goat. While it was obvious that it wasn’t the most appealing piece of art to Ben he didn’t say anything. Today their home has grown and cultivated into it’s own quirky ways. With the velvet goat still hanging.

John Waters & Diamonds - Ben got Lindsey tickets to see John Waters as they were both excited to see him Lindsey could see Ben was a little nervous but didn’t know why. They were having the time of their life while the couple next to them obviously hated their lives… At the end of the show John Waters does a Question and Answer portion. Ben mentioned that he heard if you raise your hand with a piece of paper John will call on you. So he did just that… John Waters asked Ben what his question and he proposed to Lindsey. While Lindsey says her vision went blurry she remembers it as the best night ever.

When I asked Lindsey & Ben what their favorite moments from the day were… Lindsey - When she walked down the aisle to Ben and when they got left behind. We went off to do a few sunset/night photos and Lindsey & Ben were accidentally left behind. They had to wait 30 minutes for someone to come get them. Which ended up being a blessing in disguise. It gave them a chance to sit and talk and reflect on their wedding day.

Ben’s favorite moment was listening to the recordings that Lindsey made for him… And dancing with her.


Photography - Love & Adventure Photography

Florist-Perry Hall Florist

Cake- Bakeshop

DJ- Rosie Hicks