Iceland Adventure Engagement Session

"What I'm hoping my photographer will be able to capture is authentic, candid joy. Happiness, double chins and all. "


This was the sentence that made me fall in love with Jessica & Kevin. It was the first email I ever got from Jess and even though I don't usually reply on my phone (chubby finger problem). I sent her a message back with in seconds. We met at Heavy Seas Brewery and the rest is history. I'm a firm believer that I work with couples that have similar personalities and loves that I do.  When we met I told them that I would be going to Iceland in February and if they were interested they could meet me there and we could do their engagement session in Iceland. They jumped on the opportunity and a few months later I met them after an overnight flight at their hotel ready for an engagement adventure! 

We started with the Golden Circle. Known for it's beautiful waterfalls and geysers and then made our way out to Vik. One thing we didn't account for on our adventure is that while we were traveling together we would be traveling into not one but 4 blizzards that would hit back to back to back. 

It's all fun and games till a sleet storm comes and starts pelting you in the face! So of course... the bloopers have to be added in too!

Iceland is known for their beautiful ponies. There are no other species of horses on the island just the Icelandic ponies. And I have to say they are a cheeky bunch! We pulled over for a few photos with them and... let's just say they stole the show! 


Jessica & Kevin were brave... It was cold as sh.... Let me put it to you this way... The mist from the waterfalls... froze on our clothes within 2 minutes. Even with layers on we were still cold. But their braving of the weather lead to the most amazing session! 

In Vik, I finally found these amazing trees that were lined up perfectly for a few photos. I would spend the next 10 days traveling through Vik... In that time there was so much snow ( 4 blizzards!) the trees were halfway covered! 

Vik is know for it's beautiful black sand beaches and stunning backdrops. We took full advantage of the town including a stop at a local Pizza Pub for some delicious pizza! 

Finally with literally only minutes to spare before I had to catch a bus back to town. Kevin threw on his Bills jersey for a few fun shots in the snow. The perfect way to end such an epic engagement session ! I can't wait till May 4th for their wedding at the Inn at Perry Cabin!