Romantic Winter Iceland Engagement- Jennifer & Jeff

What a perfectly romantic way to spend Valentine's Day weekend. I met Jennifer and Jeff in Iceland on Feb. 15th. We would finally have a clear two days after 1 week and 4 blizzards that made their way through Iceland. Jennifer & Jeff are another one of my adventurous couples that when I mentioned "Hey, want to go to Iceland for your engagement session... " They were 100% down ! I know I get really amazing couples... I'm am so lucky! 

The four of us. (My husband joined us for this little adventure). Squished into a tiny car and started off on a long but quick adventure for the ultimate engagement session! 

Our first stop was a waterfall outside of Vik. I had visited the same waterfall 3 times over the past two weeks and every time it was different. This time we were going to venture to hidden waterfall by Seljalandsfoss. Even with directions it was still hard to find under all the snow. After a little climbing and looking behind rocks we realized in order to get to this waterfall we would have to walk through a not so frozen but freezing cold pretty fast moving stream. The water was freezing and all of our feet were soaked but the waterfall was well worth it! 

After visiting the falls we headed to Vik and stopped at Reynisfjara beach. A beautiful black stand beach with (literally) killer waves. It was a dream place to photograph Jennifer in her beautiful red dress! In fact, Jen bought two perfect flowy red dresses with her that fit so perfectly with every location we went to! The beach also has a really awesome cave . Jen & Jeff stood posed patiently waiting for people to move out of the way.... and there was this one woman that just kept looking at them... and pointing her camera. She stood there staring at them for about 3 minutes before we finally let her know we were taking photos. I mean I guess two beautiful people standing all dressed up without winter coats is a little different. 

After leaving Vik we took a long long drive up towards Skaftafell National Park. On our trip up we had our fingers crossed that we would run into John Snow or Daenerys Targaryen who were filming in the area... but no such luck. We made it up to Skaftafell just in time to check into our hotel and see if we could track down the Northern Lights. The lights were active that night but of course mother nature was also active so while we got some light action (Jen & Jeff's first time!!!) the clouds covered them up pretty quickly. 

We hit the same mountain in the morning and watched the sun rise. As we got closer to the water we had our first blooper action. While Jen & Jeff were cuddling closely on the rocks a rogue wave came up and caught them off guard. Usually I would put down the camera and run to them but this time I caught the whole thing and while yes we all got wet. We all had a laugh after at how funny their reactions were! 

We started heading back but made sure to visit a few more Iceland hot spots on the way. The first being Diamond Beach which is known for the diamond like ice that flows onto the beach from the glacier behind. 

Our last stop was a Glacier Lake. A beautiful frozen lake with bits of glacier sticking out of it. Now, I have to say that Jen and Jeff really worked for these awesome photos. They climbed up mountains, walked through frozen streams, sat on icebergs, stood half dressed in freezing weather. They really made this engagement session truly adventurous! 

Just as we thought we were done and started heading back to town a beautiful snow storm rolled in... the ice storm... then sun... then rain... then snow again... We experienced every type of weather in 30 minutes. But during the snow storm I had to take them out one more time. That beautiful red dress was calling to be out with the big beautiful snow flakes that were falling from the sky. 

This is just the beginning of Jennifer and Jeff's Adventure! I can't wait to see them for their wedding in October at Faith like a Mustard Seed Farm in Virginia!