Annapolis Engagement- Seasons of Love- Hollie & David

Has this ever happened to you... You've been chilling at home all day wearing your favorite sweatshirt... that may or may not have spaghetti sauce on it... Your hair has seen better days... and make-up what make-up. You need just one thing from the grocery store, just one thing. You get in the car and head to Giant hoping that you won't run into anyone you know. You've made it all the way to the self check out... you think your safe and then... You run into someone from middle school. That cute boy David that your mom and dad keep asking you if you know what he's been up to... You look over and he says hi. You start talking and give him your number. What you don't realize is that his parents have been asking him the same thing. How's that girl Hollie from middle school. I heard she's back in town... have you talked to her. 

You both leave the grocery store at the same time and he notices that you are following him. Mostly because you live near each other. He texts her and their story begins.

This is Hollie & David's story...

Hollie and David met up with me in Annapolis for their engagement session. We went to Sandy Point and downtown Annapolis for their photos but that wasn't the original idea. We joked that they could make a calendar with their engagement photos and you will see why below. 

The original plan for Hollie and David's engagement session was to go to a local Christmas tree farm for photos. Unfortunately, that didn't work.  At the very end of their engagement session we found snow and Christmas like trees to give them that winter feel. 

The second plan for their engagement session was cherry blossoms. But... with the cherry blossoms changing their peak date was moving a full month later that didn't work out... And then we found the one cherry blossom tree in Annapolis that was in bloom. 

We took to Sandy Point for some beach photos since David and Hollie love the beach. It may have looked like summer. But it was freezing outside!  

And while we didn't exactly have fallen leaves to represent fall... We did have some beautiful leafless tree. 

Who would have thought that we could find all four seasons in 4 hours in one city in March. Thank you Maryland for your crazy weather ! I can't wait for Hollie & David's wedding this June!