Maryland Wedding Photography- A Snowy Spring Engagement

Mary & Matt's dream engagement session would have been in the snow... Their whole love story revolves around blizzards and snow storms. That was were they had their first kiss...walking home from a bar in Baltimore with snow blowing around them. That's how Matt proposed on the same walk home in a snow storm. 

The odds of getting an engagement session in the snow in Baltimore are pretty low. It gets cold... like freezing cold... and we get flurries... but a good full on snow storm doesn't happen every year. 

So knowing those odds we decided to plan their engagement session in one of their favorite places Savage River Lodge . Matt & Mary go up to the lodge at least once a year. It's one of their favorite spots to relax, hike, and enjoy time with their pup Maggie. It's secluded and quiet and the perfect weekend getaway. 

Since Matt is in school working on his MBA and Mary is teaching we had three days to work with while they were on Spring break. We had our fingers crossed that being that far west we would hopefully have a little bit of a chance for snow... 

Well... A little chance of snow went into a full on winter storm. After waiting two days for the snow to stop I was finally able to get up to Savage River for their engagement session... And it was absolutely perfect. New soft beautiful snow all over pine trees. It was the perfect romantic winter engagement session on the first day of Spring! 

Mary & Matt brought along their little pup Maggie... She may have stolen the show... I will let you be the judge! 

Savage River is hidden all the way out in Cumberland Maryland. It was the first place that Mary and Matt had travelled together to. They had a bet on a NCAA game and if Duke lost Mary would have to plan their first trip. After a little research she found Savage River Lodge. The perfect cabin in the woods! They've been going here for 3 years now! 

We had so much fun playing in the snow... Although, Mary and Matt will need snow man building lessons one of these days! 

Mary & Matt will be celebrating their wedding in July of this year in Baltimore! I