Turf Valley Wedding - Courtney & Jaret


Turf Valley Wedding - Mary Wedding Photography

A girl from Maryland travels all the way to South Dakota State University for college far away from her family. There she meets a midwest boy from Iowa. One night in 2010 both Jaret and Courtney met at a party. Every day they grew closer and closer and then realized that their friendship had grown into so much more. After college Courtney planned on going home to Maryland and Jaret came with her. At first they lived in her parents house together where Jaret shared a room with Courtney's big snake. 

In 2014, a year after they moved to Maryland together Jaret proposed to Courtney on a date in the Inner Harbor. Then just 4 short years later the two of them got married at Turf Valley. 

Jaret and my husband work together which is how I met Jaret and Courtney. Over the past few years we have become so close to the two of them and Courtney's family. It's hard to find close friends when your grow up. My husband and I are lucky to have Courtney and Jaret in our lives!  Over the years I sent alot of wedding venues (and tickets to Bridal shows...) to Jaret and Courtney so that they could start planning but they were in no rush! Finally last year they picked Turf Valley Resort. A beautiful golf course outside of Baltimore. 

Venue – Turf Valley Resort

Planner – Stephanie Day Events and Travel

Florist – Flowers by Judy

Photographer – Love and Adventure Photography

DJ and Photobooth – Power Bomb

Hawk – Wedding Doves for Love  

Turf Valley Wedding Photography

While Courtney wasn't a traditional bride that was excited about every detail of her wedding she picked the most beautiful dress. While she got ready for the first look you could see the nervousness passing through her body. One of her bridesmaids knew her so well and handed her a fidget spinner to calm her nerves. Courtney's bridal party consisted of two of her close friends, her cousin, and her aunt who had her in her bridal party too. 

Just as we were getting ready to do their first look it started to rain. One of the guests of the wedding handed Courtney an umbrella so she could see Jaret for the first time. As they closed their eyes and took a breath I reminded them of the first time they met... and told them to think about their story of how they got to this day. 

Since Courtney and Jaret couldn't have their dogs or horses at their wedding they opted for the next best thing. A hawk... and a little screech owl (which most the guests thought was fake). When it was time for the ring exchange a beautiful hawk flew down the aisle and handed the rings to the best man. A complete surprise for the guests !