Inn at Perry Cabin Wedding - Jess & Kevin - Maryland Wedding Photography


I always say that I am extremely lucky with the couples that find me. They are real, fun, and up for anything. Jess & Kevin have a very special place in my heart. And it's not just because the 3 of us froze our asses off during a record amount of blizzards in Iceland for their engagement session. 

I knew the moment that I got Jess's email that we needed to work together. In fact, I still remember reading it. I had just parked in front of my house after a shoot and started reading her email... 

"It's nice to internet meet you! Before I tell you a little more about my fiancé and I, I want to share with you what led me here, to your 'contact' page.
I should start by saying that I have spent hours researching photographers--I have a somewhat non-traditional vision when it comes to the final product, and it's also important to me to find someone who vibes with my fiancé and I... and while there are so very many talented artists out there, I haven't had that "ah hah!" moment yet. 
I started following you on Instagram after finding you on The Knot, loved your candid style, and I noticed that you follow Pete Souza. And so I went to your website and immediately loved that you shoot wildlife, then saw the Lin-Manuel Miranda quote (love IS love, and it's of utmost importance to us that we support vendors and professionals who live by that mantra), and then saw the quote from We Bought a Zoo (my favorite movie) and I officially had my "ah hah!" moment. :) "

Below was my favorite part of the email... 
"What I'm hoping my photographer will be able to capture is authentic, candid joy. Happiness, double chins and all. I don't have much of a desire for posed, staged photos. I love a more photojournalistic approach, and the more use of natural light, the better! "

I didn't even make it into my house before I emailed them back. They were my couple and I knew it.

About the Wedding at Inn at Perry Cabin

Jess & Kevin got married in St. Michael's on the Eastern Shore at the Inn at Perry Cabin.  If you've never been there I highly recommend it. It's an adorable little town with lots of personality. It was the only no rain day in the entire month of May. They had a simple yet extremely fun wedding. They spent the morning in the Inn . Jess was with her mom, two bridesmaids, and the two little girls she use to Nanny for. The little girls may have stole the morning. And one of Jess's bridesmaids definitely got a workout while one of the little ones kept trying to sneak out of the room. Jess's hair and make up was done by Nikki Cage from Silver Linings Salon and Amber Kwon of Make-up Memories. The two of them turned Jess into a movie star. She looked absolutely stunning! My favorite moment from when Jess was getting ready was when her mom helped her put on the dress. She turned and looked at her and I heard what I thought was laughter until all of a sudden she burst into these big beautiful tears! It was such a beautiful moment. I love when the bride and her mom have a moment with just the two of them to get ready. 

Kevin on the other hand got ready with a few friends, Arlo the ring bearer and Jess's dad. He spent the moment trying to get his nerves down by taking alot of walks. 

Inn at Perry Cabin Wedding Photography

I'm friends with Kevin and Jess on facebook so I got to follow along as Kevin counted down the days he got to marry his best friend. It was incredibly sweet! 

I may have been a little mean to Kevin and went up to him before the ceremony and had him focus on the new life he was about to spend with Jess. While he was letting those memories flow through his mind I stood next to his mom and dad who watched him pace back and forth nervously. They said they could tell he was nervous because he use to pace like this before every golf tournament. I loved how well they knew their son. 

The ceremony was performed by a good friend of theirs (whose wife is a huge fan of hot dogs :) ) . He did an amazing job even if Kevin did drop the F bomb during the ceremony! 

 I asked Jess what her favorite moment from the wedding was and this is what she told me. 

"My favorite moment of weddings has always been when the groom sees the bride for the first time walking down the aisle—it’s such raw emotion! When most everyone is watching the bride, I’m always watching the groom. Which is why we opted not to do a first look.

And so my favorite moment was just that. Everyone who had seen Kevin that day had told me that he was [just a little ;)] restless and nervous, and when I started walking toward him, I could tell he was anxious—he was all teary and chewing away at his lip. And then the closer I got, it seemed like this calm swept over him and he had the biggest smile on his face and just looked so happy, and as cheesy as it sounds, everything else just kind of faded away. It was perfect.... until he  cursed into the mic when he started to cry, haha! :) "

After the ceremony we ran down the road in St. Michaels to a beautiful field of buttercups that I had passed earlier that day. Without even asking Kevin laid down in the field of buttercups to pose for some shots. Another one of the many reasons Kevin and Jess are two of my favorite people! 

The reception room looked stunning. Set up by the amazingly talented Rachel Hoffberger and her team. The flowers from Radebaugh Florist were so simple and elegant. Bachelor Boys Band kept the party going to the point where the guests were actually happy when they took a break so they could take a dance break of their own. People didn't leave the dance floor... at all... it was a party all night affair!  It was funny because when I saw Kevin and Jess the other day they were talking about how they were happy that they kept the wedding so small. And I said you had like 100 people right. They said only about 60 people. I couldn't believe it. It seemed so much bigger because everyone danced the entire night!