Great Falls National Park Engagement - Angela & Ben - Virginia Wedding Photography

I absolutely love doing photo sessions at National Parks. They really are some of the most beautiful places on earth. Just around the riverbend (inside joke) from Ben & Angela's house is Great Falls National Park. One of my favorite places to shoot in the area. The falls themselves are just so dramatic and beautiful. 

You may remember Angela and Ben as the couple from the front on my website. We had originally planned a day full of hot air balloons and a park shoot. Since the weather was going to be bad we only ended up doing the balloons that day and saved the park for later. 

I have so much fun hanging out with Angela and Ben they are like my peeps. From singing Disney songs to climbing over a fence cautiously climbing over spike rocks for the most epic view of the falls. 

I love that they are absolutely up for anything and everything whether it's splashing through the water or laughing at me as my feet slip out from under me and I slide through mud into a tree. And of course the ever famous pointing shots are here! 

Side note... There is one photo with plastic bottles and a basketball this has nothing to do with their engagement shoot I just wanted to show them the basketball I saw. 

Great Falls National Park Engagement Photography