Wedding Photography - Gainesville Florida - A Gators Wedding - Becky & Oscar

In honor of Becky and Oscar's 1 year anniversary last week I thought it was time to unleash the Gator !  Oh and let's not forget Congratulations on your soon to be little one!!! 

I've known Becky for a long long time... In fact, it was thanks to her that I caught the travel bug allowing me to join her on adventure such as Carnivale in Brazil, Panama, and Spain. It was her love for travel that rubbed off on me. Becky has backpacked all through South America and Europe on her own before it was something that was common for women to do.

When photos of Oscar started popping up on Becky's facebook page I had a feeling he was going to be the one. And then while they were on an adventure together in Europe Oscar asked Becky to marry him!

Then came the question where do they get married. They lived in Indiana... She was from Connecticut... He was from Colombia... and they met at the University of Florida... Well the Gators won! And I met up with Oscar and Becky for their amazing Gainesville wedding. 

I love when guys take their wedding day to do a little beauty treatment of their own. Oscar and his boys went down to his favorite barber Van Pastor to get a shave and a hair cut while the girls spent the morning getting ready together in their rented house. 

Gainesville Wedding Photography

The rain was pouring down outside while these two said their vows in a beautiful Catholic church right across the street from the University of Florida. 

After the ceremony we went over to the University of Florida's football field for some amazing and fun wedding photos. It may have been raining but who cares! We were in Gator country! 

Florida Gator Wedding 

So that not all their photos were at the football stadium the day before we found a park with beautiful Spanish Moss trees. I mean if you are getting married in the south you need some Spanish moss in your photos! Because of all the rain the ground was a little bit squishy to say the least ! 

Becky and Oscar are the first two people that I have ever been able to photography with a rainbow! I've actually never had a rainbow at any of my weddings. So we rain out to the street to get a quick shot before it disappeared! And then we headed out to their emotional and absolutely fun wedding reception!