She said Yes ! A Baltimore Proposal - Saniha & Mo

A few years ago I met an amazing family while photographing Zaineb and her husband Ayman getting married. It was the type of family that you wanted to be apart of. Three siblings that were so close and two amazing parents that loved their children so so so much. 

After Zaineb got married she became my dermatologist. I went to see her every six months and at each appointment we would talk about her sister Saniha. Had she found someone yet. What was going on in her life. And after every appointment Zaineb said as soon as Saniha got engaged I was going to be the first one they called. 

A few weeks ago I got a text from Zaineb saying Mo was proposing to her sister and basically told Mo he had no choice but to contact me. I was so excited !

Mo and I traded a few emails where he told me his idea of how he planned on proposing. He and Saniha would walk from her apartment in Harbor East to Federal Hill which was a special place to them. There he would give her a memory book with photos and a timeline of their life together so far and at the end he would not only propose but also reveal where he would be taking her on vacation the very next day! 

As we got closer to the day the weather turned a bit warmer then would be comfortable for a walk around the harbor so we switched it to a walk/harbor taxi ride. Mo and I met up the day before for a run through of how he was going to propose. I could see how nervous he was. We planned out location for me to hide along the way and which bench the book would be waiting for him. 

I was so excited to go undercover but knew I had to be careful because if Saniha saw me with a big camera she would figure it out pretty quickly. In fact, at one point as part of Mo's plans to tease Saniha throughout the walk he pulled a kit kat out of his pocket. When they went to throw the wrapper away the garbage was right where I was hiding. I turned quickly into the corner of the wall. Later I found out Saniha had asked Mo what is that weird girl doing... 

They took the water taxi from Harbor East to the Maryland Science Center and then walked over and up to Federal Hill. Where the book Mo made for her was pre-set and ready. As they flipped through the pages remembering their past 365 days together Mo sneakily pulled out a ring pop. At the end of the book there were two surprises... one the location where they would be going the next day... Barcelona... and two... Will you Marry Me?

As Mo got on one knee and asked Saniha to marry him with a ring that he and her sister so carefully and sneakily picked out for her. As everyone on Federal Hill watched Saniha said Yes to Mo! 

A Proposal....

A Trip to Barcelona... 

Best day ever right?  

Well, remember how I mentioned how important family was to Saniha... Mo made sure to have all of his and her family meet at a restaurant for lunch so she could share the news with them right away. Saniha's brother and his family couldn't be there but were on stand by via FaceTime eagerly waiting the news!!! 

Congratulations Saniha & Mo !!! I am so so so so happy for you!!! I hope you are having an amazing time in Barcelona !!!