A Destination Wedding in Chios, Greece - Part 2 - Maryland Wedding Photography

The wedding festivities in Chios kicked off with a welcome party at the Bride's parents home. Starting with a the tradition of the Making of the Bed. 

Before the wedding, friends and family will help the new couple prepare their new home. The bride and her attendants – all single women – will make up the marital bed. The groom must give it his official approval. Then money (for prosperity) and rice (for putting down roots) are thrown on the bed. Lastly, a baby is rolled across the bed to guarantee fertility! Superstition says that whatever the sex of the baby is will be the sex of the couple’s first child. So if a boy is used, their first child will be a son.

The girl's weren't the best at making the bed... It took a few tries to get all the right sheets out of the bag and on the bed which was very entertaining for those watching. 

One of my favorite parts of destination weddings are the day after sessions. It's a chance to really go out into the village and capture some unique environmental portraits. For their session we visited three villages on the island. 

The first- Pyrgi is a traditional village, among the most beautiful on the island. It distinguishes for its architecture, with the geometrical figures of black and white on the walls. 

The second was Mesta - . It has about 400 inhabitants and is the best preserved medieval village of Chios. The houses are built attached one to another, forming a fortified wall. This is one of the finest examples of defensive architecture. Narrow cobbled alleys are winding around the houses, leading to the lovely central square. The wonderful traditional architecture of Mesta is protected and all interventions alternating the original architectural style are prohibited. The inhabitants of the village are also preserving their traditional customs and traditions. 

A last was the shores of Chios Town.