1840's Plaza Wedding - Deb and Damien - Maryland Wedding Photography

A little throwback Tuesday to an amazing wedding I shot last year at the 1840’s Plaza with Deb & Damien. I loved working with these two because they were creative and open to doing just about anything. Damien knew he wanted to have some epic photos with his groomsmen in his house and Deb knew she wanted to have some images remade into posters for their wedding venue.

Their ceremony was so emotional with Deb and Damien’s daughters surrounding them. In the audience was Deb’s mother who was diagnosed with Dementia. Deb was so happy to have her mother there with her. Over the years that Deb and Damien had been together Damian would often visit Deb’s mom with her or own his own. Proving that he was truly a family man.

The way Damien looks at Deb is the way every woman wants to be looked at. It is with true love and feeling. You know that he would give her the world.

Deb & Damien met while working together at a school. They still work as school administrators and principals encouraging kids in the Maryland School district to be all they can be.

Check out their amazing wedding photographed by Kathy with Love and Adventure Photography