Washington Adventure Session - Kelly and Sky - Baltimore Wedding Photographer

All they needed to say was… we live in Washington State… and I answered… great we can do your engagement session there.

If you’ve talked to me for more then 5 minutes you know it is my absolute dream to move out to Washington State. I’ve even already found my house. So when I found out that Kelly & Sky who are getting married on Saturday at Admiral Fell in lived Seattle I gave them the option of doing their session there fingers crossed it would happen…

Well… it did and I fell even more in love with the state as Kelly & Sky introduced me to some of their favorite places to hike, eat, and breweries.

Kelly sent me a list of places that she thought we be great for their session but we only had one day to shoot them in. I went through and google mapped the crap out of that list trying to find a way to squeeze as many of these amazing places as we could. There were so many beautiful places we had to cut because there is only so much light in the day. But where we went was amazing!

We started the morning at the famous Pike’s Place Fish Market. As the sun was rising we watched as the fisherman set up the market. And then took a little walk over to the famous gum wall… where we learned Sky is not able to blow bubbles with gum…

After leaving Pike’s Place we went up to the Mountain range and hiked up to a few Glacier caves. As we arrived in the parking lot there was an older man with two hiking partners that started hiking up the trail shirtless. It wasn’t warm outside and it was really odd. So for the hike up to the the caves we entertained ourselves by wondering why this man was hiking up to the Glacier shirtless. We caught up to them as we got up to the caves… and nothing… He was just hiking without a shirt.

As we got up there it started raining which added to the drama of these amazing Glacier caves. I reminded myself not to lick the ice. (That’s a whole story for a different day) and we started exploring the area and capturing photos. The Glaciers which were melting pretty quickly were still pretty big. It was really a beautiful spot !

So on one side we had these big beautiful mountains and glaciers… and then you turn around and see… More beautiful mountains with the leaves changing colors!

Our next stop was a big beautiful waterfall that by everything we could find online you could hike under and get photos right in front of it… In fact, Kelly and Sky had been there before and say people down by the waterfall. On the day we went unfortunately, the gate was locked and we couldn’t get to the falls. So we had to take a few shots from further away. Thankfully my sweet sweet husband Jason walked back up to the top parking lot to move our car down to the bottom lot so we didn’t have to walk as far.

Up next on our adventure we went to an industrial park with the perfect view of the Seattle Skyline! Here I learned about Sky’s love for climbing on things… taking notes for the wedding on Saturday.

Next up we stop by Kelly & Sky’s Apartment outside of Seattle and met up with their pups! Look at that cute little snaggletooth!!! I could live on the rooftop of their apartment!

And… yet we still had more daylight left so we took off to a local park on the beach… Let me tell… you there are beautiful beach parks everywhere around Seattle. Just beautiful green places to sit and watch nature. We got to witness a beautiful sunset by the water and Sky got to hear me say one more photo at least 30 times….

As the sun set we made two last stops. The beach where Sky proposed to Kelly and their favorite bar. I can’t wait to see Kelly and Sky again for their wedding in Baltimore this Saturday!!