2018 Baltimore & Beyond Engagement Highlights - Love & Adventure Photography

I traveled high and low to capture some of my favorite engagement photos ever. I got soaked in the Hoh Rainforest in Olympic National Park… I hiked to Angel’s Landing to capture the sun coming over Zion National Park… Stood in frozen water to find a hidden waterfall… rode a flying elephant and then escaped to Pandora… Watched the sunrise over the Washington Monument… Ate some of the best food Baltimore has to offer… Biked at sunrise around a lake… Almost got crushed by a hot air balloon… and  that was just in 2018! 


After looking through over 8000 photos from 30+ engagement sessions I finally found my favorites. My engagement sessions last between 4-12 hours so it is really hard to pick just 5 photos from each session. So if you want to see more click on the blog article under the photos… 

Without further ado… Let’s take an adventure back in time through my favorite 2018 engagement sessions. 


The year started with a trip to Patapasco State Park where Caitlin, Brandon and I found a completely frozen waterfall. 


Paige & Colin were my first DC engagement session of the year. Lovers of books and travel we found ourselves at Regan Airport and Poets & Prose Book Shop

Two adventurous couples came with me to Iceland where we played with Icelandic horses, hiked through waterfalls, and attempted to find John Snow and the Dragon Queen as they were filming around where we were shooting.

Matt & Mary were really hoping for a snowy engagement session since their relationship started in the snow… Their wish was granted as a big snowstorm came the same time we planned their engagement session up at Savage River Lodge.

Hollie & David’s Annapolis engagement session started at one of my favorite places to shoot… Sandy Point!

Sarah & Sasha really wanted a Cherry Blossom Engagement session. The days that they were available it rained and rained and rained… So we decided to split their session in two… One during Cherry Blossom season and one later on!

Light City in Baltimore is such a fun time for an engagement session! So many extra lights to play with! Christy & Anthony’s engagement session was a blast!

Kelly & Chris’s engagement session went from Urban Baltimore to the beautiful Rocks State Park.

I love shooting in National Parks and Shenandoah National Park is right in our backyard. Perfect for hiking, climbing, or just having a picnic. Ashley and Adam spent the day with me as we adventured around this beautiful park!

Angela & Ben were another couple that we ended up splitting the session for this year! We really wanted to capture something unique and different but the rain just kept getting in our way! So we met up early in the morning for the Maryland Balloon Festival hoping that the weather would be perfect for them to take off. Fortunately it was! We met up again a few weeks later and finished their session at another one of my favorite National Parks Great Falls.

I headed out to Utah to meet up with Marissa & Raed for their Zion National park Engagement session. It only took the tiniest twist of my arm and I was hiking up Angel’s Landing for a truly beautiful view of the sun rising over the valley!

Beautiful branches and a strike of lightening that we waited patiently to capture made Wendy & Jon’s engagement session !

Colleen & Connor had THE most perfect day for their Washington DC Engagement Session…

One… now two of my favorite people got engagement on a hot summer afternoon and I got to capture it all ! I stalked… I mean followed Saniha and Mo as they ventured around the Baltimore Harbor to the top of Federal Hill where Mo got on one knee and proposed! Saniha’s sister and I have literally been waiting for this for YEARS and I was so so so excited to be apart of it!

If you want to see two people who just make me happy every time I look at their photos… Meet Kerry & LJ ! Another couple that we had two sessions for… One biking around one of their favorite spots and another in Virginia in DC!

Going to Cape Cod is starting to become an annual thing! I got to meet up with Lauren & Alex for their engagement session. We shot for two days. The first in down pouring rain… between the clouds and being soaking wet I actually ended up loving the rainy photos!

So if you talk to me for more then 10 minutes you will find out that my dream is to move to Washington State… So when I had a chance to meet Skye & Kelly out there for their engagement session… I jumped on it! From bubble gum walls, to glaciers, to beautiful mountain scapes… I could shoot for months in Washington and still not have found every beautiful spot…

Also while I was in Washington State I met up with Ben, Olivia, & Appa… hence forth known as the cutest dog ever! We introduced Appa to the ocean and lets just say… he was one happy pup! Olympic National Park is such a stunning place for photo shoots!

And then we were off to the most magical place on earth… Disney World! Jackie & Levi met and got engaged at the Magic Kingdom so it was natural that was where we would go for their engagement session!

Back in Maryland Brenda and Tony rocked their Fall themed engagement session. Even braving the water of Kilgore Falls for some super sexy shots in the water!

Nobody rocked a sexy black dress this year like Imani. Their DC engagement session at the Kennedy Center was flawless.

A couple who plays together stays together… Bonnie & Mark’s DC Engagement session was so much fun! From Shopping Carts to running through museums…

Charleston… One of my favorite places to shoot! Beautiful old buildings and beaches with killer sunrises and sunsets! Deb & Michael moved down to Charleston and wanted to get photos in their new home!

We are almost to the end I promise! The year wrapped up with three really awesome and fun engagement sessions. First at Cunningham Falls. It was a foggy foggy day which really made these photos absolutely perfect!

Beer, Hockey, and a lot of lights… That’s what Laura & John’s Engagement session was all about! From Heavy Seas, the the Guinness Brewery, and even at Capitals Hockey Game !

And last but not least… Allison & Patrick’s Baltimore Foodie Engagement session may have been one of my favorites ever… and that is not just because I got to eat hot dogs from the most incredible hot dog place ever (Haute Dog) !

2018 was an incredible year ! So many amazing adventure shoots ! I can’t wait for 2019 !