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Top 10 Places for your DC Engagement Session

Washington DC is so much more then Monuments and Cherry Blossoms. There are so many beautiful nooks and crannies that scream DC and are far less crowded. I’m going to share with you some of my favorite spots for DC engagement sessions this year. I’m constantly keeping my eye out to find new and different spots to bring my couples every year!

1 . Kennedy Center Engagement

The Kennedy Center is one of my new favorite places to shoot. First of all… When you go all the way to the top of the building you have stunning views of DC and Georgetown. Then on the main floor the arches, weeping willow, and fountains steal the show. It’s a very classy spot for your engagement session. It’s the perfect place to pull out your formal attire!

2. Lincoln Memorial Engagement

If you have to pick one monument I highly recommend the Lincoln Memorial. (Although it is under construction right now) . I try the best I can to only shoot this monument (or any monuments) at sunrise. The reason is that on most days shooting at sunrise means we should have the monument mostly to ourselves. (except on Sundays… If you’ve seen Wedding Crashers you will know why.) The other reason is it is the best spot for sunrise in Washington DC. Depending on the time of year the sun rises behind the Washington Monument bringing this beautiful golden light to the memorial. There are also some really stunning spots on the walk over to the Lincoln Memorial.

3. DC Museums Engagement

DC has a ton of really awesome museums and most of them have free entrance. The Renwick and Building Museum often have unique displays that are fun to shoot in. I also love the walkway between the art museums. Either way they are the perfect location to add a little creativity or to step into if it rains.

4. Blagden Alley Engagement

Blagden Alley is a hidden alley right around the convention center. On of the best spots for an Industrial style engagement session. Plus there are great restaurants in the Alley if you want to stop there for a drink in between!

5. Union Market Engagement

Union Market is the perfect location for a urban documentary engagement session. Union Market has some truly beautiful graffiti walls that are always changing. Plus inside we can grab a bite to eat or a coffee. The neighborhood near by also has beautiful walls and interesting spots for an Urban engagement.

6. Roosevelt Island Engagement

Roosevelt Island is a little oasis right in the middle of DC. There are beautiful short trails and in the fall the leaves are stunning! It is the perfect spot if you want DC with a little Nature near by.

7. Reagan Airport Engagement

Love to Travel? Reagan Airport is the place to go. The airport has beautiful architecture, large windows, and free parking for 1 hour. Plus, if you go in the evening or on a Sunday it’s usually pretty empty. Gravelly point is also a beautiful park on the way to the airport to capture the planes flying low overhead.

8. The Navy Yard

The Navy Yard has a mix of everything from spots on the water to old industrial building, and even interesting art displays that change. I also love adding in the restaurants, breweries and wineries to help tell your story. Or if your Nats fans we can even add a game into the shoot.

9. Library of Congress & Supreme Court Building

I love shooting in the Library of Congress. If we get in there the right time of day the light coming through the windows is brilliant. Like everywhere else in DC finding unique nooks and crannies is the best part of shooting in the Library of Congress. The Supreme Court Building which is just next door has my favorite columns in DC. Plus no one goes there! Big beautiful stairs, striking columns, and the perfect view of the Capitol. Win… win… win !

10. Arboretum

Another Nature lovers paradise is the Arboretum. Long grass, old trees, Greek columns, beautiful flowers. What is not to love about this place. Keep in mind you do need to get permission prior to shooting here!

While those are my top ten favorite spots for engagement photos in DC I have tons of other spots that I love to shoot in if there is time!

Bonus Round of Favorite Engagement Locations

Capital One Arena - During a Caps Game

If you are a hockey fan we can head to Capital One Arena for a one of a kind engagement session. Or if you don’t want to buy tickets to the game we can also go to the practice arena.


Downtown Arlington

Going right over the city line to Northern Virginia we also find some really unique places. From Arlington to Alexandria. Old buildings, street art, and beautiful water views.


DC Neighborhood Engagement

I love shooting in DC Neighborhoods. When couples live in DC I try to shoot in places that mean something to them. Favorite street, park, places they go for coffee, or maybe even their favorite book store. Along the way we often find some random stuff to play with!


Georgetown is the perfect little area to walk around for your engagement session. In the summer nothing is more fun then running through the fountains at the end to cool down.

Tidal Basin & Cherry Blossom Season

One of the number one times of years for shoot in DC is Cherry Blossom season. If you want to do a shoot during cherry blossom season the most ideal time for the session in a weekday at sunrise. Otherwise the tidal basin is completely crowded with people!

For more information or to set up your own DC Engagement session. Contact me below!

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