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What to do with your Wedding Photos after your Wedding

By Maryland Wedding Photographer- Love & Adventure Photography

Your wedding is over… Your photographer sent you your photos… Now what?


If you are like most of the world… myself included… You will look at them. Put a few on your computer to share on social media. And then, forget about them…

It’s so easy to do. You are in catch up mode after your wedding and the last thing on your mind is what to do with 1000+ photos. 

There are a few important things that you need to do before you put that thumbdrive to the side to collect dust. 


Number 1 – Back up your photos… Seriously, back them up. Put them on the cloud, put them on another hard drive. If you have Amazon Prime you can put them on there for free. 

I can’t tell you how many of my couples have lost their thumb drive 5 years later. Fortunately, for most of those couples I still had their images. But after we turn over the thumbdrive or images to you. They are your responsibility. So BACK UP YOUR PHOTOS right away to at least 2 other spots. 


Number 2- Print some photos. You’ve already picked out the photos you love and threw them on Social Media. Now just take those photos and order a few 4x6 prints. I recommend www.mpix.comorwww.nationsphotolab.com. For 100 photos it’s about $125. Just throw these photos in a box or a little album so you have them. 

Number 3- Get an album made. We all remember what it was like to sit and look through our parents wedding albums. Don’t you want to share those same moments with your kids? Albums through your photographer will most likely range between $750-1500. Mpix and Nations Photolab will also work with you to make your own album. It may be slightly cheaper. All you need to do is pick 100-150 photos and that’s it, you are done. Even if you go on Shutterfly and make an album. You spent thousands of dollars on your wedding. You should have a good memory from it. 


Number 4- Order a canvas or piece for your home. www.cgproprints.com. It’s always nice to have at least on print hanging in your house. I love CG Pro Prints. They are affordable and turn your canvases around quickly. 


Number 5- Plan an anniversary session. Going back to the article on how to pick a photographer, by the time your wedding is over you should have built a special relationship with your photographer. Continue to work with them for special anniversary sessions, family sessions, etc. A lot of photographers give repeat clients a discount. I offer my families Documentary style family sessions.



If you loved or didn’t love your photographer make sure to write a review for them on weddingwire, the knot, or google. This helps bring up the photographer’s website’s seo and bring in more business. Also refer them to your friends and family. I love photographing families and seeing past clients at weddings again! 

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