Why relying on Phone Photography is a Bad Bad Bad Idea… Love & Adventure Photography

Why relying on Phone Photography is a Bad Bad Bad Idea… 

by Maryland Wedding Photographer - Love & Adventure Photography

When our parents got married Wedding Photography was important. As a kid we flipped through our parents albums admiring how beautiful they were… even if the bridesmaids dressed looked like the couch in the house you grew up in. 

Today, with the ease of phone photography a lot of people think why should I pay all this money to hire a wedding photographer. Especially if photography is not high on their list. I mean really who doesn’t want so save a few dollars on their wedding.

I’ll give it to the technology of phones on a nice overcast or even sunny day a phone can rock a shot just as good as my camera. Then you take it inside… I have an iphone and even with the latest technology my inside photos look like pure shit. 

Hiring a Professional Photographer vs Phone Photography


What you get out of the camera. 


Phone- Most people who are behind their phone taking photos just point and shoot. There is no thought going into the photo. They just press a button. Because there is a lag in the time you press the button and when the photo is taken often moments are missed. Phones are great outdoors but indoors… not as much. 


Professional Photographer- We know how to predict moments, predict actions to get those documentary style shots. We know how to frame the photo to make it more appealing with less dead space all around it. We are trained and our gear can handle any lighting conditions whether it is a dark church or a super bright and sunny day. 


Capturing Moments


Phone- Even with the best intentions in mind your guests will only be interested in taking pictures with their phones for so long. Then food and beer will become a priority. There goes photos of beautiful moments from your wedding and now you have tons of selfies of your drunk friends. 


Professional Photographer – Your photographer is hired to capture your day. They will follow you around and make sure to capture all those moments. If you hire the right photographer when you get your photos back you will be able to relive your entire day. Including those hidden moments you didn’t realize happened. 



Phone- Great for Selfies. Tons of really fun selfies of you and all your guests. And if it’s a nicely lit day. Group photos won’t be too bad. As long as someone behind the phone knows how to take a photos. Photos of the two of you though… will be very traditional think … arms around each other…. Kiss… look into each other’s eyes. They will be very very very point and shoot.


Professional Photographer – Makes sure you get all those must have family photos. They run your family photo sessions quickly and efficiently. They know how to set up photos, light photos, and pose you . They know where to bring you for sunset and how to make sure that the photos look beautiful. They make art vs. a snap shot. 

 I took both of these photos…. Even professional photographers can’t get a phone to do more then it is capable of.

Shooting inside 

Phone- In a dark reception area your photos will be dark and very grainy. Phones just can’t handle low light yet. Forget about your ceremony. If you are in a big dark church not only will your photos be dark but you will show up as tiny specs. 


Professional Photographer- Professional cameras are built to handle low light situations. The size of each image files is 3 times that of a cell phone meaning that there will be little to no grain. We have a group on lens that can handle people far away and close up in the matter of seconds. 




Phone Photography – You will have all your wedding photos from a seat during the ceremony. Most of them will have the backs of peoples heads. And odds are they probably will miss the important moments. 


Professional Photographer-  We know ceremonies. We know how to predict when each moment will happen. We are allowed to walk about your ceremony to get the key shots. We have lens that can zoom in to get your faces while you are reading your vows. To really capture the emotion. Images will be at eye level with all the backs of heads cut out. 




Phone Photography Like Filters? That’s all you are going to get. Super airbrushed unrealistic faces in selfies… That’s about it. 


Professional Photographer- Depending on the photographer you hire you will receive quality edited images. I personally edit my images so that the colors pop. They are bright and vibrant and flow nicely together. 


Getting Your Images

 Phone Photography- Ok, let’s be real… If your friends remember to send you the photos it will take awhile. Odds are they will forget and the photos will remain on their phone forever. So you will end up with maybe 100 photos mostly of your friends selfies or images of the two of you really small from the side. 


Professional Photographer- Depending on your photographer you will have all your images professional edited within 4-6 weeks. They will all be on one website that you can easily share with friends and family. 


Printing Your Images

Phone Photography- You may get some 4x6 prints. If your lucky an 8x10. Shutterfly albums are going to be the best you can get. Which is something. 


Professional Photographer- You can print your photos to the size of a billboard if you want. We make quality albums for our couples. 

Look I get it… Weddings are expensive and most of us are paying for it on our own. Seven Years ago, I was in your shoes. There are so many ways to save on your wedding day but keep photography at the top of the list. After all… you could spend $20,000 on your wedding and if you have no photography you have no way to remember it.

Another Photographer PSA… Be careful when hiring a friend or family member with a camera. Professional Photographers are expensive but that is because we have professional gear and training to photograph a wedding.

What sets me aside from anyone with a camera?

I have over 10 years of wedding photography experience. I’ve been behind the camera for 20 years.

I have and know how to use lighting to make sure my images no matter where are crisp, clean, and bright.

I know how to tell my couples to stand that fits their body type the best.

I can quickly and efficiently get through family photo lists so that my couples get to enjoy some of their cocktail hour.

I know how to predict moments.

I know how to set up moments to happen.

I know how to communicate with my couples and their families, before during, and after the wedding.

I know how to edit images for a clean, crisp, beautiful finish.

I have the tools to provide my couples with their images.

Most importantly. I am always two steps ahead of my couples providing them with the ultimate wedding experience.

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