Monument Valley Engagement Session - Alicia & Robert- Adventure Engagement

After I finished up shooting my first true adventure session in Zion National Park I got an email from Alicia. We spent almost an entire year planning their pretty freakin epic adventure session in Utah & Arizona.

When I did the session in Zion National Park I took a day to drive to Monument Valley just to scope it out. Which ended up being the highlight of Alicia & Rob’s engagement session. I mean this place is perfect… Beautiful towering rocks… Sand Dunes that will give your legs a workout… STARS so many stars…. and gorgeous sunrises.

Alicia & Rob drove up to meet me from Phoenix. They are getting married next year in Las Vegas. They met while working at the same hospital together. They’ve been together for just… a few years and decided to hold the wedding till Rob was done with his PHD.

We met at a hotel in Monument Valley where after a quick minute realized that where we were staying only served non alcoholic beer. So we took a little drive down towards the Mexican Hat to grab a quick drink before the shoot… and boy was it worth it… Normally I don’t start my couples climbing up things but the light was just so perfect… So up Rob and Alicia went…

We finished shooting at the Mexican Hat just in time to get to the spot where Forest Gump stopped running. These are quite possibly my favorite photos. Going into this session I had some ideas in mind of how I wanted the photos to look. Alicia and Rob destroyed it. The walked up that road like a Boss !

Because there is such little light pollution out in Monument Valley the stars just really light up the sky. There were so many stars in the sky that it didn’t even look like there was a sky.

Adventure sessions can be pretty tough…. They are all based around the best light… So up at 4:30am we were to start shooting at sunrise in Monument Valley. We had a great Native American guide who took us around as we watched the sun rise in the sky.

These dunes and Alicia’s blue dress !!! I mean GAWD!!! And Rob is seriously the master dipper!

Alicia mentioned that they wanted photos that looked like artwork for their house… I think we succeeded!! After sunrise in Monument valley, a quick nap, and a margarita we made our way towards Horseshoe Bend in Arizona. We had originally planned to go into one of the canyon’s but unfortunately you could no longer access any of them without tour group. Which was a bummer. So instead we went over to a rocky beach area and played in the water. While waiting for sunset and the golden hour for horseshoe bend. This was the hottest spot of the day!

On to our final stop… Horseshoe Bend…While all the crowds went to the right we went to the left and found our own area to do photos that was completely free of all the tourists. I did a happy dance because of the perfect light… and Rob did a happy dance because a almost 24 hour photoshoot was so close to being over :)

Alicia & Rob- I hope you enjoy the photos as much as I do! Now that they have taken over my website :)