Thorpewood Wedding- Eileen&Chris - Maryland Wedding Photographer

Eileen & Chris got married at one of my absolute favorite venues… Thorpewood. There is nothing more beautiful then saying your vows under a cathedral of pine trees. The venue is stunning and the staff is so kind!

Chris & Eileen are the sweetest, kindest, most fun people ! We had so much fun during their foggy engagement session in Cunningham falls that I knew that their wedding day was going to be amazing.

Eileen had a sweet intimate wine drinking moment with her mom as she got ready for the day. Outside her bridesmaids stood eagerly waiting to see her. After Eileen was dressed we went out for a first look with them. Thats when the tears started flowing.

Upstairs Chris was getting help with his cowlick from his brothers. They were carefully gelling down his hair so it was perfect. The joked around as Chris nervously got ready for the ceremony.

Waiting eagerly, the wedding party stood in the warming sun under the canopy of old pine trees. The warm spring breeze blew around them. Chris shifted nervously back and forth waiting for Eileen to arrive. And the ceremony to begin. He closed his eyes and let the memories of the first time they met flow through his mind. The time came to walk down the aisle and as he stood there seeing his bride for the first time he did everything he could not to cry. He failed.

The quietness of nature surrounded Eileen & Chris as they said their vows. And after their kiss they danced down the aisle as bubbles filled the air.

Their reception began with emotional speeches from Chris’s brother and Eileen’s best friend. After dinner they went outside for a German wedding tradition where they as a couple had to saw a log in half. It was not as easy as they thought and was worth the celebration at the end.

Before heading inside for the party I challenged Eileen & Chris’s wedding party to a trust exercise. Soon we watched as Chris was being flung into the air by his groomsmen.

And then the party began… and didn’t stop. Crazy dance moves and loads of fun till the very end!