Washington DC Wedding Photography - Keri & Cody - Winery Engagement & More

They met at a party in New York… and within a few hours knew that that was it… They were in love…

Cody and Keri have been traveling back and forth to be with each other for most of their relationship. From Boston to NY to Grenada to DC and now to North Carolina. In just one short year Keri will finish her Veterinary program and they will finally be able to start their lives together with their pup Gilligan in DC.

For their engagement session they wanted to tell their story and love for DC so we started with a sunrise session at the Lincoln Memorial. It was seriously the PERFECT morning (even if we had to meet at 4:50 in the morning).

I really didn’t even have to do much Keri & Cody spent were so flirty and lovey to each other I just let them be themselves snapping away. We did have a nice laugh as this woman was really determined to get where we were taking photos. We nicknamed her Maryanne with her bucket hat. Every time we turned around there was Maryanne trying to take her iPhone photo.

After our sunrise session we went home for a quick little nap before meeting up again that afternoon and heading on a Virginia adventure. The first stop was one of Virginia’s famous Love signs. Gilligan may have stole the show here with his cuteness.

After the Love sign we went to their favorite winery which is now my favorite winery. We went to Pearmund Cellars Where Cody and Keri told me that they had really great red wines. I was hesitant to believe them since I’ve never had a good red in Maryland. Well… holy crap I was wrong. On top of being a beautiful winery where the owners know Keri & Cody really well… the red wines are phenomenal ! After the tasting and the shoot I went home with a few bottles.

Our last stop was Great Falls National Park one of my favorite places in Virginia. The sunset was the perfect way to end our day! And now the wait for their October 2020 !

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