West Chester Pennsylvania Engagement Session - Kathleen & Joe - Baltimore Wedding Photographer

Last week I went up to West Chester PA to photograph Kathleen (Best name ever) & Joe’s engagement session! We started the day with their adorable pup Beasley. I got a sneak peek at Joe’s Doggy Father’s day gift from Petlandia which was all about Beasley’s adventure. (Saw the book needed to order one for my husband with my pups! ) Beasley was such a little model especially when he popped out the side eye.

After some quality pup time we headed down to downtown West Chester where their story began…

From their wedding website.

“In the summer of 2013 Kathleen started an internship at adult probation in Chester County. It was there, she formally met Joe. He was so kind, so helpful, so interesting - she somehow knew at that time he would be a huge part of her life. Soon she learned they were in some of the same classes in criminal justice at WCU PA. They had so much in common, yet so much to learn about each other. They dated for about 8 months before they were boyfriend and girlfriend. It was well worth the wait though. They’ve gone through so much together and changed for the better. They have grown together through out the years and inspired each other to be the best version of ourselves. They share a puppy named Beasley. He is the glue that holds them together when they need it. They truly are best friends and soul mates.”

After wandering through Downtown West Chester we went to West Chester University where they shared a class together. We took a chance at tugging on the door handle of the building where the two of them shared a class together. We fully anticipated it to be locked since school was out for the summer. But it wasn’t… and even more to our surprise. The classroom that they met in was also open. So in we went…

After walking through the town we decided to add a little nature to our session and headed our to Stroud Park. The light was perfect… the trees were too high to climb… and the frogs were a hopping.

And now… less then a year till their big day!!!

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