Georgetown Engagement - Casey & Zack - Maryland Wedding Photographer

It was a hot one in Georgetown on the day we did Casey & Zack’s engagement sessions. Sweat and sun didn’t stop these two from exploring some of Georgetown’s best nooks and crannies.

When I asked Casey and Zack where they wanted to do their engagement session Zack mentioned her really loved old stone and bricks and Casey loved nature. So I thought about what two places would work best together and came up with Georgetown and Great Falls National Park.

The first thing Casey and Zack said to me is that we aren’t good at smiling in photos…. I am calling 100% BULL on that. Casey’s dimple and Zack’s big smile literally lit every image up!

While I may have tested their adventure limits throughout the day… We did have to pull Zack away from a few places in Georgetown he wanted to discover. I also learned a bit about Zack’s competitive side as the two played a quick game of Skeeball to cool off.

After our adventure in Georgetown we headed over to Great Falls National Park for sunset photos in one of my favorite spots.