Yosemite National Park Engagement Session - Adventure Shoot with Marisa & Justin

Get out from your house… From your cave, from your car

From the place you feel safe… From the place that you are

Get out and go running… Go Funning, Go Wild

Get out from your head… And get growing dear child

I’ve been literally dying to do an adventure engagement session in Yosemite National Park. It is by far (so far) my favorite place in the US. I can’t exactly tell you why as I have no idea. There is something about the towering boulder mountains, the rushing strength of the waterfalls, and the beautiful Sequoia Trees that just make me happy.

When Marisa & Justin mentioned they would be interested in doing their engagement session here I was all for it! We arrived at the perfect time. Glacier Point road had just opened two days before we got there and we managed to get all the way up to the top where there was still snow everywhere!

I have to give credit to Marisa & Justin who both arrived with a terrible cold but were ready and excited to adventure through Yosemite National Park for two days with me on their adventure engagement session! They will be getting married this October at the Peabody Museum!

So we started what would be a three day adventure together on the top of Glacier Point. One of my favorite spots in Yosemite. The golden light and sunset on the first night was to die for. The pinks lit up the sky perfectly. Mother Nature truly gave us a treat.

Marisa & Justin danced amongst the Sequoia’s bathed in golden light from head to toe. After we got a little adventurous and climbed up a small rock to really get a different view from up top. Half Dome and Yosemite Falls were in their glory.

Fortunately, sunrise in Yosemite is not as glorious as sunset because the mountains block the light. Which meant we all got to sleep in! After lunch we went on our first hike to Mirror Lake. Every time I’ve ever been to Yosemite Mirror Lake was always very dry… not this time… We took off our shoes to cross the water to get a better view… At first the water was fine… And then the glacier water kicked in and the three of us ran from land spot to land spot to keep our feet from burning from the cold!

After mirror lake we headed over to Yosemite Falls. Like Mirror Lake every time I have seen Yosemite Falls the falls have been less then Spectacular… Not this time… The freezing cold glacier water was in full force powerfully flowing down. Marisa & Justin were champs and we stood safely near the falls and got soaked from the freezing mist of the falls… It was well worth it… as these may be my new favorite Adventure photos…

Next up… we headed back up to Glacier Point for a little snow ball fight in plaid pj’s!

Our original plan was to hike to a point to get photos with a view of the whole park…. but the trail was covered with snow… and we didn’t want to get lost… so we stayed around the trail head where we were blessed with gorgeous golden light.

Since we couldn’t get to to the original viewpoint because of snow on the trail we headed back to Glacier Point for a few more shots. Then we waited for a few hours for the stars to really pop. While waiting we watched a comedy show from Trevor Noah on Netflix…

The moon was so bright in the sky that I didn’t even need to use any lights to light them up.

We finished on day 3 with just a few more photos in the Sequoia trees. Marisa & Justin frolicked through the woods. Their engagement session was so incredible and I can’t wait to shoot at Yosemite National Park again!