University of Delaware Engagement - Shelby & Amanda - Maryland Wedding Photographer

Taco Tuesday seems like a good day for a fun post! Meet Shelby and Amanda ! You may remember them from the mini session I did with them in Disney this past Spring.

Shelby and Amanda met while attending the University of Delaware. Shelby says she remembers the first time she saw Amanda. She was walking into a meeting for an LGBTQ organization she was a mentor for and there was Amanda. It only took a few conversations for her to realize that she was in love with Amanda.

One night, Shelby realized she couldn’t wait any longer and jumped on her bike and rode a little over 1 mile to Amanda’s dorm. There she paced back and forth in Amanda’s room telling her about her feelings for her.

Fast Forward a few years and now the two are planning their wedding for September 2020 at Turf Valley.

We spent the first part of their engagement session revisiting places at the University of Delaware where their love for each other began. We even knocked a few things off their bucket list including getting in the fountain. Which was a little bit grosser then we thought!

After University of Delaware we went over to a park that Shelby and Amanda use to go to when they were at school. The two of them would rent Kayak’s and spend time out on the “pond”. As we were driving over Shelby described the place as a small pond… The Small pond was more like a lake and it was perfect. Unfortunately, our plan to rent Kayak’s didn't work because they closed a little early. But that didn’t stop us from jumping into boats that were already tied up to the dock.

Their engagement session was both beautiful and emotional. For a few minutes as the sun was setting I had Amanda and Shelby take a moment to just relive their story. As they were reminiscing on their story Shelby reached over to dry a tear that fell from Amanda’s eye. It was such a beautiful moment.