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The 3 P’s to Finding your Perfect Wedding Photographer

By Love & Adventure Photography

Washington DC, Virginia, & Maryland Wedding Photographer 

There are so many amazingly talented wedding photographers in the DMV area. Which often makes it hard to pick and choose the perfect photographer for you. 

There are three things that you need to look at when choosing your wedding photographer. 

#1- Portfolio

First and foremost, look at the photographer’s images on their website and blog. Their website will be the best of the best of their work. This means that you should not see any blurry or dark images. I know some photographers call this art… but when you get your wedding images back… you will not call this art. 

If you find that you are drawn to a photographer with a film look to their photos don’t book a photographer whose images are bright and pink. You won’t be happy. 

Bonus Tip- Always… ALWAYS ask to see a full wedding from start to finish so you can see how your photographer’s images look in all lighting and conditions.

Bonus Tip 2-Ideally you want their blog or Instagram to be up to date with recent imagery. You want to see their most recent work and not just their best images. Blogs are great because you can get an idea of what a full wedding might look like photographed with them.

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#2- Pricing

Look we all have budgets. Whether your family is helping you or you are paying for your wedding yourself, you only have a certain amount to spend on photography… and that is OK. There are really amazing and talented photographers in every price range. I’ve seen photographers who charge $1000 for photography who were phenomenal and I’ve seen photographers who charge $7000 for photography who were absolute shit. Figure out a price point that you feel comfortable with. 

Finding out pricing is always a pain in the ass. Some photographers list their full prices (like me) while others make you contact them for pricing. If they say their starting pricing is $3200 you can generally plan on your package ending up around $3800.

-      Average Wedding Photography for Baltimore - $3850

-      Average Wedding Photography for Washington DC/NOVA - $4500

-      Average Wedding photography in Maryland (outside the big cities) - $3500


Bonus Tip -Don’t use Wedding Magazines or Websites to determine your wedding budget. Most of these sites are on the way lower end and will completely throw off your budget.  

Bonus Tip 2- Make sure everything you want is included in your initial package. 

The must have’s 

1-   Edited Images with ability to print Hi-res images on your own.  

2-   Engagement Session

3-   Photography coverage for getting ready, ceremony, and your reception. 

 **Ask if you can add a wedding album later on… after all odds are it will take you awhile to pick the photos for your album. Why pay an additional $700+ for something you may never have time to order. 

 #3- Personality

If you can… meet your photographer ! You can do this on Skype/Facetime or in person. Grab a drink with them!

 This is the one vendor that you will spend the most time with on your wedding day. They will be your confidant. The person that helps you escape your mother when she is driving you up the wall. You want to find a photographer that you want to grab a beer with. Someone you trust and enjoy hanging out with. This will help you to feel more laidback and comfortable which will show in your wedding photos. 

How can you figure this out from their website. Read their bio. A lot of photographers put in what they are interested in on their bio. See if that matches up with who you are. 

Bonus Tip –Many of my couples tell me there are two things that are important to them for their photos. 1- They want a Documentary look and not posed photos. Couples are attracted to my work because it looks real. Just about every single couple portrait I take is initially posed. I then interact with my couples and make them do things or I say things that get them to look more comfortable… more real… Ask your photographer… Do they pose their couples? Do you show us what to do? Some photographers will just tell a couple where to stand and make them interact from there… If this is weird to you find another photographer. 

Bonus Tip 2-Another thing a lot of my couples want is to enjoy their cocktail hour and reception. Ask your photographer 1- How long does it take for them to shoot family portraits. 15 minutes should be the maximum. 2- Tell them you want to enjoy 20 minutes of your cocktail hour. Ask them to work that into your photo schedule. Do this before you hire them so that you can make sure that extra hours aren’t added on to your wedding day later on. 

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