Virginia Engagement Session - Puppies and Pancakes - Emily and Mitch's Engagement Part 1

I have to break Emily & Mitch’s engagement session into to parts… I just love their session so much!

When I asked them what type of shoot they wanted to do they said they love brunch, their pup Louie and hiking. So we came up with a morning shoot at Great Falls National Park and then we would go to their favorite restaurant for Brunch. Then at the very last minute (when we were finished shooting at Great Falls) we changed our plan and decided to make pancakes at home instead with their pup Louie. So we went to Safeway grabbed some ingredients for pancakes and mimosas (because what brunch doesn’t have mimosas! ) and then headed back to their apartment where Louie was waiting for us.

We started out with taking Louie for a quick walk on a local trail in their neighborhood. For such a little Frenchie this guy has tons of energy ! He reminds me of Stitch when he is running around… and when he is just sitting still he looks like Toothless from How to train your dragon. He is the cutest little thing in the world!

After the walk it was pancake making time!! Mitch carefully watched each pancake to make sure that they were cooked perfectly. They even decided to test their skills at the ultimate pancake flips. Lets just say Louie won that contest.

After pancakes it was time for some cuddles… And a nap… after all we were up for sunrise at Great Falls National Park … Stay Tuned :)