Virginia Wedding Photography - Winery at Bull Run Wedding

I met Erin & Bryan while I was photographing a wedding in New Jersey. They were guests who just got engaged. Erin came up to me and said she wanted to book me for her wedding as soon as they found a venue. A few months later they found Bull Run Winery and we were starting to plan their engagement session in Richmond! 

Erin and Bryan got married last April at the Winery at Bull Run. As both beer and wine enthusiasts this was the perfect place for them. Well that and it was one of the places they had gone to on one of their first dates. Of course as mother nature does in April she decided that she was going to change her mind from a beautiful sunshine day to a what was suppose to be a rain out. 

Erin and her girls rented out a local air b&b to get ready while Bryan and the guys got ready in a local hotel. 


How you met: 

Fate brought these two Northerners to Richmond where they were first introduced at James River Cellars Winery on April 19, 2014. Its safe to say their first date was anything but smooth - a blind double date with Bryan's parents, where one had a little too much wine and the other bumped into a mailbox with their car. While it wasn't the most seamless of first dates, it was clearly one for the books, and they both made a very memorable impression.

Proposal Story:  
Just over a year after they met, they planned their first summer vacation together. They decided on a road trip to their home towns and couldn't wait to see where the other had grown up. Prior to the trip, unbeknownst to Erin, Bryan had gotten input from Maggie (Erin's mom) and Megs (Erin's sister) on where he could propose in Lake George (Erin's hometown). They suggested some cliffs behind her house that had a beautiful view of the lake. Bryan knew that Erin wanted the proposal to involve two things: he had to actually get down on one knee and someone had to get pictures of the moment. With Maggie and Megs' help, they had everything planned. While Erin ran around getting ready for the hike, she couldn't help but realize how awkward everyone was being. Tim, Erin's Dad, (who never hikes) was wearing a button up and pants on a hot summer day. Her mom insisted on bringing a big heavy back-pack that she said was for their dog Karlo's water bowl. Bryan was quiet and dressed nicer than normal for a typical hike. Both Bryan and Megs insisted on bringing their cameras even though Erin tried to say they didn't both need bulky cases. Despite the weirdness, they departed. Erin had a feeling that Bryan might propose on the cliff but was confused when he hadn't after a few minutes on the top. She turned away just as Bryan got down to "tie his shoe" and grab the ring out of his camera case. When she turned around, he was on one knee and with tears in his eyes said "Erin Kelly Bolen, I would love to spend the rest of my life with you. Will you marry me?". She replied "Of course!!... Yes!" and got down on her knees as well. Megs got lots of sweaty pictures of the whole thing. After some hugs, Maggie opened her backpack and pulled out a bottle of sparkling wine and some cups. Erin was so happy that her parents, sister and pup were all there to celebrate. As they hiked back down, Erin almost fell about a dozen times because she couldn't stop staring at her new gorgeous ring. While they didn't fall on the way down, they soon realized they both had some cut up knees from the cliff to add to the memories.


Favorite moment from your wedding:  When I asked Bryan this question he said "Finally being married to you".  Then he said "Spending a joyous day celebrating with friends and family".  My favorite moment was definitely the first look.  I was so nervous and stressed and felt like I was going to vomit all morning.  As soon as I saw him and his reaction to me, I felt 1000% better.  I was upset about the weather and moving the ceremony inside but seeing him also reminded me what the day was really about - the two of us.  Bryan didn't want us to speak or text all wedding morning (until the first look) which was really difficult.  When I finally saw him and could speak with him, I was so relieved and happy.

What went in to planning your wedding: Numerous trips to Michaels, Excel spreadsheets, individualized To-do lists for the Bride, Groom, Maid of Honor and Best Man and lots of pinterest projects.  Bryan also had lots of carpentry projects to work on (card box and signs).  Thankfully the Maid of Honor and Best Man "moved in" with us 2 1/2 weeks before the wedding to help with projects.  My parents also came down 1 week prior to help with last minute things.  We had an incredible wedding party that also helped every step along the way.  Bryan and I also had the very difficult task of visiting all the wineries that the tables were named after to retrieve corks (and do some wine tastings of course).


Hair: Angela Tucker (Family friend who has been cutting/styling Erin's hair since she was about 5 years old)

Make-up: Heather from Tica Beauty

Florist: Centerpieces by Whole Foods; Bouquets and Boutonnieres by Margaret Liberti (Bride's Aunt)

DJ: Horizon Musicfest (previously Horizon Entertainment)

Dress Designer: Essence of Australia

Dress Shop: Tiffanys Bridal (Richmond, VA)

Suit Designer: Calvin Klein

Suit Shop: Men's Warehouse

Bridesmaid Dress Designer: Jasmine Bridal Belsoie Collection

Jewelry: Diamonds Direct

Cake: Purple Onion Catering

Caterer: Purple Onion Catering

Invitations: M Bolen Design

Wedding Planner: None