Glacier National Park -Anna & Bing - Adventure Engagement - Maryland Wedding Photography

Check another epic National Park Engagement session off the list !

Two weeks ago I met up with Anna & Bing as we went on a pretty incredible adventure around Montana’s Glacier National Park.

Glacier National Park has two completely different sides to the park. The West side has more of a Temperate Rainforest look with beautiful greenery and moss and waterfalls… And then the East side has incredible vistas and Glaciers (although probably not for much longer … )

So we decided over the course of two days we would make the most of our trip and really explore both sides of the part of the park for their engagement session.

We started off on the West Side with a “warm up shoot” in a flatter greener area before heading up to Logan’s Pass.

I quickly learned how flexible Bing was and how much he enjoyed straddling logs. I also learned that they would need a lesson in frolicking.

Logan’s Pass is the central part of the park. We ventured up here twice since it’s really just a stunning location. While here the first time we were greeted by both Mountain Goats and Bighorn Sheep. They got pretty close to us even with the brightness of Bing’s shoes! Anna was a champ and hiked about 4 miles with those sandals on. Her feet were DUSTY when we were done! But it was so worth it to capture the wildflowers and sunset at the top of the range. My husband Jason came along as our Bear Guard standing close with Bear Spray by to make sure that we didn’t run into any Grizzlies on our way. We didn’t run into any Grizzlies this time… but Anna & Bing did the next day on their hike!

A quick note about shooting in National Parks or any park… It’s important to stay on the trails for a few reasons… 1- We are there to enjoy nature not destroy it. Watch where you walk. Even stepping and killing the littlest plants can ruin the ecosystem 2- The last thing you ever want to do is get lost while your shooting an engagement session. 3- Don’t chase wildlife. It’s exciting to have them in the background of the photos but they are wild.

A few days and a beer festival later … Anna & Bing and I met up again for part 2 of their engagement session. This was going to be a long day because the first part of their session would take place up at Grimmel Glacier… which was just an easy (ha ha ha ha ha… yeah right) uphill climb for almost 6 miles. Because Anna & Bing are a bit faster at hiking then I am I told them I would meet them up there. Somehow we made it up there just a few minutes before Anna & Bing arrived.

Once you get to Grimmel Glacier the first thing you want to/feel the need to do… is put your tired feet in the cold glacier water… It’s a great idea to do from the sitting position… Not from a standing position as Bing learned the hard way… and did a cartoon legs out slip into the Glacier Lagoon… He wasn’t alone… minutes later we watched about 5-6 other people slip in too.

The hike was worth it to see Grimmel Glacier right up close! We even met a Pink Dolphin!

After hiking back… a few Huckleberry beers (a Cold can of Rose for Anna) , and the saltiest Margaritas in the world we headed back into the part for some random stops along the East side of the park. We followed proper bear protocol calling out Hey Bear Hey to make sure we were in the clear…. But at the very end of the night I tool the opportunity to scary the crap out of Anna and Bing by making them sit alone in a field in a heavily populated Bear and Mountain Lion area. Pitch black darkness… with the quietest sounds of movement around them… Horrifying right… but it was well worth it to capture the Milky Way behind them!

Another truly epic engagement session in the books! Next up Ireland!!!

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