New York City Engagement Session- Michelle & Greg - Brooklyn Wedding Photographer

Michelle & Greg met online… and when it came to their first date Michelle agreed to take the train from the city to New Rochelle to meet him. She strategically messaged her girlfriends telling them where she was going in case they didn’t hear from her. She got on the train and headed up to New Rochelle… and then she realized she forgot her phone… So here she was getting off the train in a city she didn’t know meeting someone who was a stranger…

Greg had a system for dating he had 3 strategic places that he took dates and none of them made it past date number 3. The first date was in New Rochelle to play pool. Another date was in Times Square. He quickly realized that Michelle wasn’t going to be just a 3 date story. She was so much more then that. The two of them shared so many incredible conversations and just felt so completely comfortable.

We met up in New York City where their story started for their engagement session. Starting with a quick train ride up to New Rochelle to where they met for their first date and then we continued our adventure through the streets of Brooklyn where we met the nicest Ice Cream truck vendor… Up to Top of the Rock… and then finishing off in Times Square.

Michelle is quite the adventurer and has travelled around the world and Greg is an incredible artist both of graphics and poetry. While we were walking through the streets for the engagement session Greg was able to keep the words flowing telling both the story of our day and about his love for Michelle.

I wanted to incorporate his words and their story into the blog so I asked him to write a little something.

How the winds of time have blown,

two effortlessly grown minds in one direction, shown.

The path, lit to reveal hallways of care in a world of despair.

The goals of two laid bare, what more to verbalize in the eyes of thy who stare.

Through the iris of hope, love for God above elevates this float.

Over the sea of witnesses to real moments, and ghosts of exes past their best components.

What's in the past, opponents opposing what these two have revealed in their ways, astute.

And 10s they nailed acouth across the board, established one's own institute of intuition.

To make decisions falling into realm of good permission,

common missions of doves to fly away cancers in remission.

No eviction of lust is needed to bond the trust of us.

Settle down from dawn to dusk until ashes of us are dust.

For good and bad, this focus of elation remains a must.

Skin too thin at times to be so cold just to the touch

Against each other, the lean of smiles beam in jubilation our hands are clutched

  • Greg