Adventure Elopements & Engagement Sessions

Adventure Engagements & Elopements – The New Wedding Trend

Large traditional weddings are becoming less and less popular as couples are opting for intimate elopements around the world. 

A wedding with 150 guests in the DMV area will easily run you $30,000. And while yes I’m pretty sure you will have an amazing time after your 8 hour wedding day it’s over. You and your partner will go on a honeymoon and move on to the next stage in life. 

Or… you could elope and spend as long as you want with your closest friends and family. 

I mean… imagine this… you and your 10 closest family and friends standing on the cliffs in Ireland saying I do and then going out to a Irish pub for a pint of Guinness after… 

Maybe, you just want it to be the two of you standing in front of an Icelandic waterfall pledging your love and life to each other.   

Or, maybe you want to be surrounded by the sheer beauty of one of the US National Parks as you put a ring on it. 

This is your wedding it is about you so why not plan something unique and different? 

So, how do you go about planning an adventure elopement? 



Seven Steps to an Epic Adventure Elopement


First… Find a map and put it on the wall… Now each of you throw a dart at the map… 


Maybe, that is a little too adventurous ? No, problem. That’s what google is for. Pick a city or country or state that you’ve always wanted to travel to. 

I love Yosemite… so I would google Yosemite Elopement… and then see what kind of images pop up. 

Second… Once you find a location it is important to check to make sure you can get married there. Some places you need permits. Sometimes, you will find photos at locations that are off limits or closed during certain times of the year. 

Third… check the cost of travel. Flights, Air Bnb’s , transportation once you are there. 

I am a travel addict and I love using, Scott’s Cheap Flights, & to book my flights. 

Four… If you want to invite friends and family send them the information. Keep in mind traveling can be hard financially for friends and family. If they pay for their flight maybe offer to book and air bnb that fits everyone and rent a van. Your guests will feel very grateful and it will still end up costing you WAY less than a wedding at home. 

Five… Book Me for your photography ! Seriously though, if you are getting married in an Epic Location you need an Epic Photographer. I personally offer Destination Elopements that include travel and 2 full days of adventuring and photography. Plus you get to pick my brain for all my travel knowledge! Trust me a serious added benefit. 

Six… Get to the location a few days early and scout out a spot or spots for your ceremony. If you are in the US you will need to get your marriage license before leaving for your elopement. This means any of your friends or family members can perform the wedding for you. Or, find a local person to officiate the wedding. This way you can have local wedding traditions added to your day.  

Seven… Find a delicious place to eat… Have an amazing dinner with your closest friends and family wherever you want… for a normal dinner cost… I mean really chicken for $125? Why is this a thing? 



Easy right? 

So, now you have not only had a truly Epic Elopement… with amazing photography… but you have also saved anywhere between $10-15k. If your parents are still eager for you to have something at home, you can have a backyard bbq with everyone who couldn’t come with you.