Wedding Photography Pricing

Just as that last dance comes on you will look at your partner with loving and tired eyes and hold them tightly in your arms.

After months… or maybe years of planning it will feel like you blinked and your wedding day was over.

Family and friends that have traveled to celebrate with you from all over the world will be gone.

The flowers that you spent a fortune and the pinterest projects that seemed so simple will have found their way to the bottom of the garbage.

All those little moments that meant so much to you will start to fade from your memories.

And, then you look at your wedding album… a flood of emotions comes over you.

You’ll flip through the pages seeing and feeling that day all over again.

Looking at smiling faces of people that may no longer be here.

When that day comes… it won’t have mattered how much you spent on wedding photography.

Having those memories in your hand will be all that matters.

Let me be that photographer to capture those memories for you.