Maryland Elopement- Port Tobacco Backyard Wedding- Bry & Rudy

About three weeks before Bry and Rudy got married I got a call from Rudy saying that they were looking for a photographer for their small wedding in Port Tobacco Maryland. Not knowing much because Bry was still planning things he gave me the most basic information. The date and location. 

Both Bry and Rudy are in the military. Bry is based in Maryland and Rudy is in Michigan. Bry met Rudy while he was in and then decided that she wanted to join too. 

Bry & Rudy had a small intimate wedding at a house of a retired military couple. They graciously opened up their beautiful barn and property for them to get married. And let me tell you it looked perfect! The barn which is over 100 years old had beautiful lights and drapery that hung over where they got married. 

After the ceremony Bry's dad who is an incredible chef made a seafood boil. He brought down Giant Crab legs, shrimps, sausage, and clams all the way from NY. I have to say it was easily the best food I have ever had at a wedding. One of the little girls at the wedding got to experience seafood for the first time... although between the crab legs and shrimp coming at her face... she may have gotten a bit scared! 

Bry and Rudy looked amazing and we were so lucky to not only have a few early cherry blossoms on the trees but also the clouds cleared up just in time for a sunset!