Maryland Family Photography- A Musical First Birthday Shoot

Little Raeyan turned one in the middle of April! This little one is so adorable! I met his mom and dad when we did an anniversary session 5 years ago in Washington DC. Then I happened to run into them again a few months back at a local Starbucks. Nidhi & Harsh are such special people! I've had so much fun reconnecting with them. Except... every time I see them now they feed me delicious wine, cheese, and we end up talking even after Raeyan goes to bed! They also introduced me to my new favorite Indian restaurant the Royal Taj. So so so so good! Check it out if you are in Columbia. 

Harsh who use to DJ,  loves music and wanted to come up with a musical themed birthday shoot. Well this little Bruno Mars rocked the crap out of it. Most of the best shots were caught in between him throwing the hat and glasses on the ground. But the session seriously looks like it could be for the inside of an album! And look at that little bow tie! Isn't he seriously the cutest! 

Happy Birthday Raeyan!!! Can't wait to see what your mom and dad come up with for your second birthday!