Galloping Hill Wedding - Janine & Alex Rocking Wedding - New Jersey

Janine & Alex's Little Shop of Rock Horrors New Jersey Wedding


Lift up your head
Wash off your mascara
Here, take my Kleenex
Wipe that lipstick away
Show me your face, clean as the mornin'
I know things were bad, but now they're okay

Suddenly Seymour is standin' beside you
You don't need no makeup, don't have to pretend
Suddenly Seymour is here to provide you
Sweet understanding
Seymour's your friend

- Little Shop of Horrors

Janine & Alex just celebrated their second wedding anniversary so I thought it was about time to blog their kick ass wedding. They got married at Galloping Hills Golf Course in New Jersey. If you have every driven on the Jersey Turnpike from NY to Maryland you've actually driven right past their venue! In fact every time I drive home from NY I have flashbacks from their wedding! 

Janine and Alex love Music. I mean literally from Musical theatre to Heavy Metal they love it all. And they incorporated their love for music into their wedding. Little Shop of Horrors is especially special to them and Audrey number 2 made alot of appearances from the cake topper to a designed by Alex Card box, and even on the garter. 

When I was going through Janine and Alex's wedding photos two years ago I couldn't help but laugh. Janine makes the best faces. In fact, I wanted to do a flip book of just her different expressions throughout the day. Alex was also a huge fan of having his photo taken. In fact he kept begging me to take them out for photos throughout the night. I had to tell him you guys have enough :) 

I had alot of favorite moments from Janine & Alex's wedding but my favorite might have been Janine walking down the aisle tearing up and saying oh shit oh shit. It was the funniest most beautiful moment. And if my memory serves me... I want to say somewhere before she walked down the aisle she said something about a groundhog? 

I love when couples are up for anything! Galloping Hills is beautiful but I was determined to create kick ass photos that didn't look like they were taken at a golf course. Little wooded areas that surrounded the venue helped ! Of course we had to recreate the infamous Bridesmaids scene in the woods. 

Back to the music... The guys boutonnieres were guitar pins that Janine made for them. Alex and his groomsmen are in a band together called the Zombie Mafia . 

Instead of a sign in book they had their guests sign an old beach boys album. The album was the same one that had their song Forever on it. ( You know the same song sung by Uncle Jesse). 

The night finished up with a good ole fashion head banging session as Alex and Zombie Mafia rocked the dance floor!

Janine & Alex Happy 2nd Anniversary!!