Atlantic City Engagement - Christy & Linda

My next wedding is a very special one... It's for a woman that I have truly admired and looked up to and frankly said I wanted to be. Christy was one of my advisor's at Towson University. She ran the Orientation program and was one of the people that helped me get so involved in campus life. She had a dramatic impact on the person I turned out to become. She also was a huge traveller and even after I graduated from Towson I followed her adventures around the world and said someday I'm going to do that too! 

To have someone that has always been a role model to you ask to photograph her wedding is beyond an honor.  I got to meet Linda when I was up in NJ for another wedding. Christy and Linda and I grabbed craft beers and delicious food while chatting about their wedding. I could instantly tell that Linda was the perfect person for Christy. She was just as outgoing competing and completing races what seems like ever weekend. The two of them share a love for travel and a beautiful love for each other. 

They met while they were working at the same college together in NJ. They just kept happening to run into each other when they finally went out of their first date. 

For their engagement session we decided to incorporate their favorite places. A brewery that the frequent, the school where they met, and then the beach where Linda proposed. And while the ocean may have been an asshole to me that day the session was absolutely amazing. 

I am so so so freakin excited to be able to capture their wedding in 2 days!!! Christy and Linda... It's finally here!!! Yay!!! 

Atlantic City Engagement Photography