Washington DC Wedding Photography

Washington DC Wedding & Engagement Photography Tips

You need a permit to shoot at the Monuments. If you are planning on doing any wedding photography there you will need to book a permit through through the NPS site. 

Always add time for travel. Traffic and parking in DC can be a pain. For your wedding day plan ahead. Add extra time to your timeline just in case.

If you want amazing wedding photos and are having your ceremony and reception in a different location. Plan at least 90 minutes for your Photography. This will give us time to travel and make sure that you get to your cocktail hour. For example: Ceremony ends at 5pm start your Cocktail Hour at 6:30pm.

There are more then just monuments and Cherry Blossoms in DC. Some of my favorite places to hit for DC Wedding & Engagement photography are the museums, local neighborhoods, union market, the airport, & the Metro station!